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by ChessBase
5/18/2009 – Bulgarian FIDE Master Valeri Lilov, rated 2411, has a weekly show on On Mondays at 20:00h CEST (7 p.m. London, 2 p.m. New York) he presents practical chess problems and high quality analysis of games from recent super-tournaments. There is live audio commentary, and visitors can forward their questions on the material at the end of each broadcast. Take a look, it’s free!

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He was unknown to the chess world a few years ago, but today, his famous magic chess training system, frequently identified with words, such as personalized, consistent, and fool-proof, has brought him popularity on the greatest scale among the internationally recognized chess coaches. Yes, you guessed right: this is the aspiring Bulgarian FIDE master Valeri Lilov, who won’t let you give up chess without a fight. Today, he has established the well known TigerLilov Chess Training Program and teaches many students of any level, ranging from complete beginner to national master, who listen to his words in every corner of the world. His website attracts students and parents every day and now he is surprisingly turning down some offers but still keeping prices relatively low. The good news is that FM Valeri Lilov, a young man from a small country in Eastern Europe, enjoys what he is doing and always interprets his results using customer satisfaction rates.  On the other hand, he has also broadcast several very interesting chess shows for free on, which have brought surprising popularity and success to the young chess prodigy. Now, FM Valeri Lilov is going to start his biggest project with ChessBase and present’s wide audience with some of his magnificent chess training and all of this for free. The new chess show on ChessBase will feature practical chess problems and analysis of interesting positions and games (including two games taken from the ongoing MTel Masters Super-Tournament, which is currently being held in Sofia, Bulgaria). Prior to each broadcast, the themes to be discussed will be announced in detail well in advance and prospective viewers will be able to send messages with questions directly to FM Valeri Lilov by visiting his personal website at This immediate assistance will be very convenient for those of you, who want to make good use of the free chess training offered by the 2411-FIDE-rated tournament player. In addition to all of this, at the end of each show, FM Valeri Lilov will include a five- to ten-minute conference chat with all viewers who will be given the opportunity to forward their questions on the material which has just been presented. The whole chess show will last approx. one hour and will launch this week with a passionate discussion and analysis of two of the most intriguing chess games from the high-class MTel Masters super-tournament, in which super-grandmasters like Topalov and Carlsen are competing. We hope that you will include this show in your schedules and we will see you there, improving your chess while having a lot of fun!

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