Mejnun Vahidov: 27.07.1946 – 30.04.2009

by ChessBase
5/27/2009 – He had a degree in technical sciences, taught at the State Oil Academy, wrote books on chess composition – and literary works, scenarios, short humoristic stories and a popular TV comedy show. He published over 200 chess composition, mastering themes like the Azerbaijanian and Bakunian Novotnys. Mejnun Vahidov was killed in a terror attack a month ago. Eulogy by Ilham Aliev.

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Mejnun Vahidov: 27.07.1946 – 30.04.2009

Eulogy by Ilham Aliev (Azerbaijan)

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the death of the well-known problemist Mejnun Vahidov on April 30 2009, in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, during an attack of a gunman on the State Oil Academy.

M.Vahidov was a co-author of several themes in chess composition, like the Vladimirov theme (1977), the Azerbaijanian Novotny (1981), the Bakunian Novotny (1985) and others. He has published about 200 compositions, received awards and had an entry in the “FIDE Album”.

Mejnun Vahidov, killed in a terror attack on April 30 2009

For several years Mejnun Vahidov carried out the duties of President of Azerbaijan CCC. He worked at the Academy for thirty years, where he was an assistant professor.

M. Vahidov had a candidate degree in technical sciences. He wrote two books on chess composition. Besides his work and chess Vahidov wrote many literature works and scenarios, like short humoristic stories and the very popular TV comedy show "Yarimshtat" (half-staffer).

Mejnun Vahidov will always be in our memories. Allah rehmet etsin – may God bless his soul and give him eternal peace!.

1. M.Vahidov & R.Aliovsatzade
Shahmat (Riga) 1978

Mate in two moves


2. M.Vahidov & R.Aliovsatzade
Reviste Romana de Sah 1980

Mate in two moves

3. M.Vahidov & R.Aliovsatzade
Elhniko oxaki 1981, FIDE Album 1980-1982

Mate in two moves


4. M.Vahidov
Shahmat (Baku) 1985

Mate in two moves

Solutions: 1) 1.Bxd4!, 2) 1.Qg7!, 3) 1.f5!, 4).1.Bh4!.

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