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12/15/2011 – It is that time of year when... the newest Mega Database is released, and it is bigger than ever. Not only does it now have over 5.1 million games, of which 66,000 are commented, but our work at improving the core database is a non-stop process, and includes improved headers, names, as well as rare games uncovered during the year. For this limousine of databases, here is an illustrated tour.

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Mega Database 2012

It is that time of year when... the newest Mega Database is released, and it is bigger than ever. Furthermore, it is available for download using our digital purchase system, which means that you do not have to worry about slow holiday postal delivery as you can have it within hours, or less, depending on your internet connection.

To start with, the landmark five million game mark has been reached and surpassed, and the base now contains an incredible number by all means. Although it contains all the games from previous additions with the added games of 2011, our work at improving the core database is a non-stop process, and includes improved headers, names, as well as rare games uncovered during the year included by our experts as well as sent from a variety of contributors.

A cursory example can be seen with classic masters. Mega 2011 has 2201 games with Alexander Alekhine, while Mega 2012 has 2207 games. Boris Spassky has 2472 games in Mega 2011, whereas there are now 2492 in Mega 2012, and no these aren't games played in the last year.

All in all, Mega 2012 has over 100 thousand games more than a completely up-to-date Mega 2011.

Our PlayerBase has also grown, and it not only has over 282 thousand entries, but over 33,000 pictures as well. Again, this is not simply a larger number of pictures sent by players, but also contains numerous pictures of well-known players. Take Boris Spassky for example, a player with a long career, and Vlastimil Hort.

Opening a game between the players in 1999 shows the two with ample white hair,
but what if one were to open a game between them dating from 1962? Would they
still be portrayed this way?

Absolutely not! Pictures are dated and the closest to the date of the game is shown.
Think we're exaggerating? This is 1962, so let's try a slightly incremental date like 1975.

Not a problem, and expects to literally see dozens of pictures of the two as well as
many top players. The number in parentheses is their age.

Some users have noted the significant price difference between the Mega 2012 ( €159.90 incl. VAT) and Big 2012 (€59.90 incl. VAT), even though both come with the same 5.1 million games.

It is important to underline that Mega 2012 is really a four-in-one package deal. If just the games are all that matter and all you need, then Big Database 2012 should be your choice. However Mega Database 2012 is so much more.

To begin with, you get a one-year subscription to the Mega Update service, which brings roughly 5000 games a week on average, all cleaned up, and ready for inclusion into the main database. The value of this alone is €49.90

So what do you get for the remaining €50 difference? Oh, just 66 thousand commented games, commented by the best players in the world. This is not hype. Kasparov alone has annotated 57 games, Anand has 264 games, Shirov has annotated 137, and even Magnus Carlsen, who has no published books yet, has deeply annotated 20 games to be found in Mega Database 2012.

Even the world number one has numerous deeply annotated games to be found in Mega 2012

Obviously, with 66 thousand commented games, there is material for a lifetime, but the idea isn't that a user will even try to view them all. Instead it means that no matter the opening being researched, there is bound to be a wealth of commented games to help understand the ideas behind the opening, plus a large number of openings surveys will also be found.

As a cherry on top, there is also the updated Playerbase, and that is what you get for the remaining €50 difference.

Mega 2012 and Big 2012 are also available as a digital download from our shop.

In your account, you will find the download links and your serial for the Update Service

Mega Database 2012:

  • 5.1 million games
  • 66.000 annotated games
  • Playerbase with 282,000 names and 33,000 pictures
  • weekly online update: 200,000 games until 31.12.2012

Big Database 2012:

  • 5.1 million games

Price: 159.90€, shipping immediately, by download or on DVD.

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