Meeting Simon Williams

by Nadja Wittmann
5/1/2018 – As we are privileged with so many interesting visitors and authors coming to the ChessBase office in Hamburg and frequenting our studio, we often try to grab them for a few quick questions to see how they are and what's new. This time it was GM Simon Williams who visited us in Hamburg in order to prepare two new FritzTrainer video series. Of course, he also took time out for an impromptu interview. | Photo: ChessBase

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A short interview with Simon Williams

Which is your favourite DVD (of your own) and why?

I did enjoy filming my DVD on the London System. This was not an opening that I really understood. But preparing and playing the variations in the DVD really advanced me as a player.

An example from Simon Williams´ DVD "The London System"

What is your all lifetime motto over the board (and maybe also in life)?

Not sure I really have a ‘motto’. I do try to maximise the enjoyment I get from the small amount of time we have on this earth. You could say the same about my chess, try to enjoy it and keep things fresh.

What is it that you like most about playing chess?

I find the process of getting lost in a one’s own thoughts to be very therapeutic. I suppose you could say I find it to be an intense form of meditation.

Do you think that you have enough time to spare also on non-chess-related activities?

I most certainly do. Yes. [I guess we should be giving Si more work! -Ed.]

Which is the ChessBase program that you use the most (and what for)?

Every serious chess player must have a copy of the ChessBase database and features. When I am at a tournament I rely on the search tool! 

Chess-wise speaking: What is crossing your mind these days?

Mainly nowadays it is trying to show the world, and especially people who in normal situations who would not touch a chess board; that chess is fun, cool and exciting. The tools of my trade are now YouTube and Twitch. 

Simon Williams at the ChessBase office

Simon Williams | Photo: Nadja Wittmann

What are you currently working on in the ChessBase studio?

I just finished two DVDs on the Torre and Colle. I now try to pick openings that rhyme as it makes my job a lot easier.

What will be on your agenda next?

Keep trying to produce good training videos that will help people improve in a factual but fun way.


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