Meet Garry Kasparov – live or on Playchess

7/23/2006 – He is no longer active in competitive chess – in fact these days he spends much of his time making life difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Garry is still working on a book series entitled "My Great Predecessors", and occasionally participates in a book signing. You can attend in person at the London Chess Centre or virtually on Playchess.

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Meet Garry Kasparov...

... at the London Chess Center and on Playchess

Garry Kasparov, former world champion and arguably the strongest player in the history of the game, no longer participates in competitive chess. These days he spends much of his time making life difficult for Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Garry is still working on his opus maximum, the book series entitled "My Great Predecessors", and he does occasionally participate in a book signing.

The next such occasion will be on Moday, July 24, from 3 pm to 6 pm, at the London Chess Centre. At the end of the session, at 5:30 pm, Garry will highlight some positions from the latest Volume V of MGP, and discuss plans for the future of the series. Lecture entry: £10 on a first come first served basis (subscribers to Chess Monthly pay £5). Here's a report on a previous visit.

The London Chess Centre is located at 369 Euston Rd NW1, Phone 0207 388 2404. Click here for map and directions. Nearest tubes are Warren Street, Gt. Portland St. Note that Garry Kasparov will only sign books written by himself.

Playchess broadcast

For those of you who cannot make it to London and Euston Road there is an alternative. IM Malcolm Pein, who runs the London Chess Centre, is planning to broadcast the book signing and lecture on the server. You can listen to the Great Player and even ask questions.

But how do you get a book signed? If you order one of his books during the book signing it will be delivered to you with Kasparov's autograph. You can order your autographed copy here:

See you at the book signing tomorrow – either live or in the virtual world of the Internet!

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