MaxoChess tournament in Fuerteventura

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6/7/2006 – On Saturday, June 10th, there will be an international blitz tournament on Fuerteventura, which is part of the Canery Islands. Like to play? Well, you don't have to actually travel to the Atlantic island to participat, you can do it on the Playchess server. The prize fund is 10,000 ducats. Join the fun!

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MaxoChess Fuerteventura 2006

On Saturday, June 10th, at 14:00 CEST, the MaxoChess Fuerteventura 2006 Tournament begins. The venue is the tournament room "Steinitz Stadion" on the Playchess server. The tournament is part of the activities of the III MaxoNet Festival (9th – 11the June 2006), which will take place in Gran Tarajal, in the Sport Pavillon of the Instituto de Educación Secundaria “Vigán“. The MaxoChess tournament is part of a campaign of the Government to promote the use of new technologies by the younger inhabitants of Fuerteventura. It is also to attract visitors to the island.

Chess tournaments from the Canary Islands are already a tradition on Playchess. This time the tournament will be hosted on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura, ready to receive chess players from all over the World through the Playchess server. The prize fund is 10,000 Ducats, which is the equivalent of about 1,000 Euros.

The event will consist on a Preliminary and a Final – 20 rounds all together of exciting chess played at the tremendously thrilling 3min + 1sec rate of play.


This time the tournament will take place in the "Steinitz Stadion", in the general tournament area of the Playchess server.

Starting fee

There is no starting fee for this tournament.

Playing modus

First of all there will be a Preliminary, open to everybody ranked pawn or above. It will be played following the Swiss System, over 11 rounds.

Then the Final will follow. It will be played as a single round robin tournament, with the first ten players qualified from the Preliminary.

The rate of play will be 3 min. + 1 sec. per move per player, in both stages

In case of tie-breaks, first of all the progressive score will be taken into consideration, after that the Median-Buchholz score. Their calculation is automatically done by the server, and they will be the decisive criteria for qualifying for the Final and also to assign prizes.

The games will be rated and will affect the rating of the participants on the server.


Saturday, June 10th 2006

CEST (GMT + 2) 

13:30 h

 Starting of registration in the playing venue

14:00 h

 Starting of the Preliminary  Approx, length: 145 minutes

17:00 h

 Starting of the Final  Approx, length: 100 minutes

Tournament director: Fernando M. Fernández


Prize in Ducats

Tournament rules

In this tournament the server rules for tournaments apply. In case of doubt the tournament director will decide. His decision is final and there is no right of appeal.

Technical requirements

To participate in this tournament an active server account and the rank of pawn or better is required. Besides the latest versions of ChessBase's commercial programs, it is possible to play with the free client program that can be downloaded here, which provides full functionality for 20 days.

Connection to the server

The players are responsible for ensuring a stable server connection. Frequent or long lags (short disconnections) might be adjudicated by the tournament director as a forfeit, or the player might be excluded from the tournament.


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