Man vs. machine - part 3

by ChessBase
1/30/2003 – And yet another night full of exciting chess on our server at At 20.00 CET, GM Dorian Rogozenko presents today's game of the match between Hiarcs and Bareev. And from 21.30: Live coverage of Kasparov vs Deep Junior, act III, with chat and grandmaster comments.

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Play another day

Evgeny Bareev played 13 games in the Corus Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee and had just one day to recover from that tour-de-force. On Tuesday the first game of his match against Hiarcs X started. His results so far (three easy draws) prove that it is not necessary to have a certain version of an engine weeks or even months in advance. Bareev: “I just play and really don't care what the name of the program is: Fritz, Junior or Hiarcs, what´s the difference? I am a professional chessplayer, I just play”.

Mark Uniacke keeps on working on his engine, even in Maastricht :”Since Hiarcs 8 was released last year, I have made 196 new versions, this version in Maastricht is called Hiarcs 8.196”. I have been able to work full-time on the engine since october. I hope that Hiarcs 9 will be released this year. I do only release a new version when it is at least 40 ELO points stronger than its predecessor. And this Maastricht version is at least 60 points stronger than Hiarcs8. I would not mind to get the top spot on the SSDF list again”.

After 13 games in Wijk and two in Maastricht, Evgeny Bareev wanted to think of something other than chess. Your reporter and match director Hans Adriaanse joined Evgeny to see “Die another day”, the newest James Bond movie. Evgeny told me that he is James Bond fan: ”I have at least ten Bond movies on tape in Moscow”. Afterwards he smiled: “Hmm, no Russians in this movie, does that mean that we are not the bad guys anymore?”

In the third game, Bareev obviously did not want to be the bad guy with black. In an French Defence, Hiarcs chose another variation as in game 1, but could not get an advantage. The English program grabbed a pawn, but it was not difficult to equalize for black. After 36 moves Bareev offered a draw. Mark Uniacke accepted that offer. “I am a bit dissapointed that I could not get more out of the opening with white. I have been through a lot of Evgeny's games, but it is hard to find a weak spot in his repertoire. His openings are sound and it is difficult to get an advantage.”

The last game will be played on Friday, 31 January, 13.00 CET. The games are to be found on the official website. You can also follow them live on the server.

Eric van Reem
Press officer Chess Events Maastricht Foundation

Reports about chess: tournaments, championships, portraits, interviews, World Championships, product launches and more.


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