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3/4/2002 – He is a strong player and a brave man. Boris Gulko, 1975 USSR Champion and, after his emigration, two-time US Chess Champion, will be taking on four of the world's best computer chess engines later this month. Junior, Shredder, Fritz and Hiarcs are the opponents. The games can be followed on our Fritz server and in the Kasparov Chess playing zone. More

Komodo Chess 14 Komodo Chess 14

Last year Komodo won the world championship title on two occasions and can call itself "2019 World Computer Chess Champion" and "2019 World Chess Software Champion". And the current Komodo 14 has been clearly improved over its predecessor!


Human vs Computer event

March 17 - March 26

ChessBase and KasparovChess are proud to present a very special online human vs computer event. Grandmaster Boris Gulko, two-time US Chess Champion and 1975 USSR Champion, PCA 1994 World Title Candidate and winner of dozens of top chess tournaments, will be taking on four of the world's best computer chess engines.

Gulko's opponents are:

  • Deep Junior – the reigning computer world champion, by Amir Ban & Shay Bushinsky of Israel
  • Deep Shredder – reigning single processor world champion, by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Germany.
  • Deep Fritz – former world champion and leading program, by Frans Morsh & Mathias Feist, Holland-Germany.
  • Hiarcs – new version of the English program best known for its strong positional play, by Mark Uniacke, England.

The event will be composed out of 8 games. Time Control 60 min + 10 seconds per move for the each side. All games will start at 8 p.m. GMT ( 3 p.m. EST – New York). Dates of games:

  • March 17 - Gulko-Junior
  • March 18 - Fritz-Gulko
  • March 19 - Gulko-Hiarcs
  • March 20 - Shredder-Gulko
  • March 21 - Junior-Gulko
  • March 24 - Gulko-Fritz
  • March 25 - Hiarcs-Gulko
  • March 26 - Gulko-Shredder

The games will be transmitted on the Fritz 7 ( server and in the playing zone of The latter will provide GMs on-line commentary for the Champions Club Members during the games.


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