Man vs. Computer: it's still a match (and a news story)

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11/22/2003 – "Scoff if you will, but I stayed home Tuesday to watch a chess game," writes Charles Krauthammer (picture), the influential columnist of the Washington Post. He had to stay at home because in his office he did not get ESPN, where the final game of the Garry Kasparov vs X3D Fritz match was being shown. Krauthammer and his colleagues all over the world covered the event in broadsheets and news portals.

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In the following we bring you a small selection of articles that have appeared on the Man vs Machine match that ended on Tuesday in New York. Tens of thousands appeared world-wide, making this one of the best-reported chess events in the history of the game.

We find it particularly remarkable that a political columnist like Charles Krauthammer should out himself as a chess buff. Krauthammer writes: "Scoff if you will, but I stayed home Tuesday to watch a chess game. I don't get ESPN in my office, and I was not about to miss the tiebreaking final game of the man vs. machine epic: the best humanity has to offer, Garry Kasparov, vs. the best in silicon, X3D Fritz." Washington Post: Man vs. Computer: Still a Match (Nov 21). Charles Krauthammer won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary in 1987. His widely read and influential columns appears on Fridays in the Washington Post.

Selection of general media reports on Kasparov vs X3D Fritz

ChessBase reports on Garry Kasparov vs X3D Fritz

Miss New York City goes X3D
28.09.2003 Mere prime ministers and CEOs pale in comparison to beauty queens and sports stars and we'll have both for the November match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz. Miss New York City 2003, Katie Horn, will make the first move of game three on Sunday, November 16. She stopped by the X3D offices in her tiara and of course we've got lots of photos.

Man vs Machine – who is winning?
08.10.2003 Every year computers are becoming stronger at chess, holding their own against the very strongest players. So very soon they will overtake their human counterparts. Right? Not necessarily, says statistician Jeff Sonas, who doesn't believe that computers will inevitably surpass the top humans. In a series of articles Jeff presents empirical evidence to support his claim.

It's Man vs Machine in virtual reality
03.11.2003 If you liked Matrix II you're going to love this one. Just one week from now the world's strongest chess player, Garry Kasparov, will play a match against the chess program X3D Fritz. The historic match will be conducted on a virtual reality board which floats in the air in front of Kasparov. On Friday in the ESPN Zone in New York City will host the opening ceremony.

May the Force be with him
08.11.2003 "Remember the first 'Star Wars' movie? The only way to destroy the Death Star was to find this one little spot, this weakness, and blow it up. With computers it's the same." At the opening ceremony Garry Kasparov spoke about the ordeal he has to go through in his match against X3D Fritz.

Expert and fan predictions for Kasparov-X3D Fritz
11.11.2003 The votes are still coming in, but the Grandmasters and fans have spoken. What do GMs Seirawan, Ashley, Alburt, and Susan Polgar have to say about the result of the match? Not everyone thinks Kasparov will win. Read their predictions and the results of an ongoing poll here.

A swat team to New York
11.11.2003 Our trip to New York to play in the upcoming match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz started on a frightening note. Take a deep breath before you read the following story. We would like to warn you that some readers may find the images distrubing. Here is our express report.

X3D Fritz holds the draw against Kasparov in exciting game one.
12.11.2003 The machine threw down the gauntlet by playing the same Slav Defense in which Kasparov beat Deep Junior in the first game of their January match. X3D Fritz grabbed a pawn, sacrificed the exchange and held on to draw against the world #1, forcing a repetition to end the battle on move 37. We now have analysis and explanation of the game by GM Karsten Mueller and Mig.

A semi-virtual trip to New York
12.11.2003 The spectacular match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz in the exclusive New York Athletic Club has started, the first game was trasmitted live in a unique TV chess spectacular. In the playing hall hundreds of guests followed the action, including the US Women's Olympiad team. Here's an illustrated report.

X3D Fritz wins game two after Kasparov blackout
14.11.2003 The second game of the spectacular Man vs Machine encounter in New York ended with a stunning loss by Garry Kasparov. The greatest player of all time was actually doing quite well with the black pieces against X3D Fritz, when suddenly a time trouble blunder put an end to all chances. Here's our illustrated report.

It is in the news
16.11.2003 Everybody is talking about it – the coverage in thousands of newspapers all over the world comes in addition to the massive cable TV coverage on ESPN and TV news reports in stations around the world. Even Al Jazeera is following the progress of "Chess czar Gary Kasparov" in his New York match against X3D Fritz. Here are links to a small sample of the international media coverage.

Kasparov strangles X3D Fritz in game three
17.11.2003 Just in case you thought the rise of the machines was inevitable, Garry Kasparov stood up for humanity in game three against X3D Fritz in New York City. Actually, it was more a case of X3D Fritz lying down while Kasparov rolled over it like he was the Terminator instead of the human. The match is now tied 1.5-1.5. The final game is Tuesday and X3D Fritz will have white. Report and full analysis.

Pictures from Manhattan
18.11.2003 With the match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz tied 1.5:1.5 after three games the tension is very high in New York, where the ESPN coverage of the event is drawing more viewers than anyone anticipated. Before the critical fourth game we bring you a pictorial report and new analysis of game three.

Kasparov vs X3D Fritz match finishes 2-2 after game four draw
19.11.2003 Things cooled down as quickly as they had heated up in game four of the Man-Machine World Championship in New York City. Kasparov worked out of a difficult opening to reach a draw with black against X3D Fritz. The match ended in a two-two draw with a win for each player and two draws. Early report and game with notes here.

Back to reality after the virtual reality battle
21.11.2003 Garry Kasparov was in a fine mood when he sat down to go over the games and the match in an exclusive press conference. We filmed the entire remarkable session as Kasparov dissected the games and discussed the differences between X3D Fritz and Junior, anti-computer strategies, comp-comp chess, possible improvements for the next match, and much more.

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