Man in shades wins blitz in park

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9/3/2002 – In September Russia will play against the "Rest of the World" in Moscow, at the chess Olympiad in Bled (October 25) they will field Kasparov, Bareev, Morozevich, Grischuk, Khalifman and Svidler. In a Moscow park some of the players could be seen doing battle in an open-air blitz tournament. Guess who won. Eugeny Ataov has sent us a spectacular picture report.

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Open-air warm-up chess in Moskow

Picture report by Eugeny Atarov

In this year, once again our Olympic team wanted to get together for a serious warm-up before the tournament that will be held in Bled at the end of October. Also there is the match Russia vs the Rest of the World coming up soon (at the beginning of September).

The Russian players met on September 1st in the Museon Park in Moscow for a warm-up blitz tournament.

All players before start of tournament in the "Museon" park
On the right: Kramnik hoists the flag.

The competition was dominated by Alex Grischuk, who was leading for the first 13 rounds. But then he encountered Vladimir Kramnik, who had had difficulty waking up and finding out what was going on. But once he had gathered steam the classical chess world champion was unstoppable. He defeated Grischuk and everyone else to take first place.

Grischuk (right) vs Dreev

Battle of the Titans: Kramnik vs Grischuk

Kramnik vs Malakhov. Here big Vlad suffered his only defeat.

Vlassov vs Ivanov

Svidler vs Shipov – roll the camera!

Vladimir Kramnik

Alexander Grischuk

Alexander Morozevich

Vladimir Malakhov

Alexej Dreev

Peter Svidler

Vadim Zvjaginsev

Evgeny Bareev

Vladimir Kramnik giving one of many interviews

Peter Svidler, Evgeny Bareev and Alexander Grischuk chatting

Evgeny Bareev – the drawing of lots involved carnations

The park musicians

...and even a dance ensemble

Evgeniy Vasyukov asks participants of the tournament for donations to help Ratmir Kholmov, who is in a serious condition in hospital. Some gave their entire prize money.

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