Mainz 2008: photographic impressions by Fred Lucas

by ChessBase
8/6/2008 – In an age when two billion photographers are loose on the planet it is good to see a few professionals who take their work seriously. One is Fred Lucas of The Netherlands, who was providing us with stunning portraits before digital cameras became essentially a grocery store item. Fred was in Mainz, busy and creative. Here is a sample of his work.

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Fred Lucas – impressions of Mainz

Vishy Anand, classical and rapid chess world champion

Magnus Carlsen, at one stage just 1.5 points behind Anand on the Elo scale

Judit Polgar, an imaginative and very dangerous rapid player

Alexander Morozevich, whose style nobody understands but everybody fears

Anand plays a simultaneous exhibition in Mainz, which turned into a record hunt

Anand conceded just two draws on 40 boards – breaking his previous 38-2 record in Mainz

Sheer joy: the winner of the Mini-Ordix Dennis Wagner

One of the world's most dangerous rapid players: Hikaru Nakamura from USA

The Ordix Open winner Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russia, with Pavel Eljanov, Ukraine

Just a really nice person: WGM and IM Viktorija Cmilyte of Lithuania

The center of attention in the current world of chess: 17-year-old Magnus Carlsen

Summit meeting – many believe this will be the setup in a world championship match

Just a few more points and a few more years – then I will be king

The little girl from Kramatorsk – now an elegant young lady

Signing poster for fans – the Freerider from Malibu

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk with her daughter Francesca Maria (one year three months)

How does she do it? Anand consistently failed to beat Judit in winning positions

The joy of chess – Viktorija Čmilytė, two-time national champion of Lithuania

One more of the former wonder boy today

"My relation with chess is simple," says Fred Lucas. "I'm a photographer who is very fond of the game, loves the atmosphere at tournaments – it's if you can really feel all the ideas coming up on all those boards – and I love to make pictures, especially with available light. What I like most when photographing chess players is to get their emotions that are otherwise hard to see, because life immediately proceeds to the next moment. Before the start of a game most players are busy with themselves, concentrating and some give you the impression that they really don't want to pay attention to anything else than the game to come."



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