Magnus vs the World in the RAW Chess Challenge

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9/2/2010 – He has just topped the latest FIDE rating list, for the fifth time in succession. Now Magnus Carlsen, 19-year-old chess phenomenon from Norway, is taking on the world. On Friday, September 10th, as part of his fashion promotion for G-Star, he will play a one-day match in New York against registered users, who are coached by three top international players – and Garry Kasparov. Info and videos.

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The RAW World Chess Challenge, which pits Magnus Carlsen against the world, takes place at the Cooper Star Hotel in New York City on Friday September 10th, 2010. It is a one-day match in which registered users can play against the world's highest-ranked grandmaster. The receive coaching from top French player Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, top US player Hikaru Nakamura and Hungarian GM Judit Polgar, who is the strongest female player in the history of the game.

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Judit Polgar on the G-Star RAW challenge

"Although Magnus currently is the no. 1 ranked chess player (the youngest ever), he is not the reigning World Chess Champion," say the sponsors G-Star. "The RAW World Chess Challenge is offering Magnus the opportunity to prove that he truly is the world’s best chess player… but only if he can beat the entire world first! "

Magnus is looking forward to the match: “I'm very excited about this event. This is something quite new to me and it feels like a huge challenge. The three grandmasters suggesting moves are all very strong. Normally each of them will pick a few inaccurate moves, but in this format I'm sure that the world will make sure only strong moves are selected. If I am able to beat 'the World', it will feel like a big achievement."

Garry Kasparov with Magnus Carlsen, whom he has sometimes trained

Garry Kasparov, who will be present as an ambassador for the event, says: "Having major chess tournaments back in the main cities of the world should be a priority for the World Chess Federation and it's great to see the RAW World Chess Challenge taking place in the spectacular surroundings of New York City. I know from my own internet match versus a world team in 1999 that the combination of expert advisors and the knowledge of the masses is a hard nut to crack, and the RAW World Chess Challenge's short time limit will bring extra intensity to the game. As an ambassador of the challenge I will try to stay neutral, but I promise to give a few tips to the world team 'live' from the studio on the 10th of September.”

Reporting live from the event will be Jamaican-born grandmaster and chess teacher Maurice Ashley, who has just completed a new Fritz-Trainer DVD with ChessBase.

More information on the RAW World Chess Challenge can be found at, where fans can sign-up from September 5th onwards. Also read: Magnus Carlsen's new career: fashion model!

Magnus in the Spanish press, where the young grandmaster...

... has given a large number of interviews on fashion and lifestyle lately

And look what we found in Hamburg's newest super-mall: a G-Star RAW outlet...

We were admiring the poster on the wall when the charming shop assistants came over to explain that the top model for G-Star was a world champion CHESS player and really, really cool. Come fall Magnus will be everywhere!

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