Magnus Carlsen speaks with the "Deutsche Welle"

4/15/2016 – In three days, on 18th April, the Altibox Norway Chess tournament will begin. With World Champion Magnus Carlsen as favorite. Before the tournament Klaudia Prevezanos interviewed Carlsen for the "Deutsche Welle" and Carlsen talked about computers, his preparation for the Norway Chess tournament, the World Championship, and his relationship to Sergey Karjakin.

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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen: 'The computer never has been an opponent'

The 25-year-old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen will be defending his title this fall against his Russian challenger, Sergey Karjakin. The World Chess Champion tells DW how he wants to make chess more accessible to everyone.

DW: Since the end of March, you've known that you will be competing against the Russian Sergey Karjakin at the World Chess Championship in November. Have you already started preparing?

Magnus Carlsen: I cannot say that I've already started my preparation. I've started thinking about it. But my main focus now is on the next tournaments that I have.

When do you plan to begin?

Probably some concrete preparations will begin in May. A lot of the preparation will be in Norway, maybe some other places as well. But the base will be in Norway.

How important are computer programs for your preparation?...

See the full interview on the website of Deutsche Welle...

Website of the Altibox Norway Chess tournament


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