Magnus Carlsen signs World Championship contract

9/23/2021 – Currently, Magnus Carlsen is in Struga, in North Macedonia, where he plays in the European Club Cup for Offerspill, his Norwegian club. During the event Carlsen found time to sign the contract about the regulations of the World Championship Match against Ian Nepomniachtchi in November. Carlsen's sponsor Unibet used the occasion to ask the World Champion some questions about the contract, the match and his preparation. | Photo: Unibet

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Why has it taken this long before you finally got in place an agreement with the World Championship organizer?

We have had a good dialogue with FIDE over the last few months, but as usual there are issues that had to be solved before finalising the contract.

What has been the most important elements for you in the negotiations with FIDE?

For me it has been important to be allowed to show my sponsor's logos during the match, and to get closure on issues pertaining to previous matches that the current FIDE leadership, with which we enjoy a good relationship, inherited from the previous administration.

The outside world seems to take it for granted that you will defend the World Champion title year after year. Do you feel the same?

Playing a World Championship match is a very intense experience requiring months of dedicated focus before and during the match. Both in 2016 and 2018 I had strong doubts and decided to play just about two months before the match. This time I had less doubts, but signing the World Championship match contract committing to play, is a major step. Now I really look forward to the match against Ian Nepomnachtchi.


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Nite Moves Nite Moves 9/24/2021 08:58
At least he doesn't flake out like Booby did in 75; defends his title every two years, unlike the other champions. Gotta hand it to him, though we'll see in the years to come about every two years or not.
Peter B Peter B 9/24/2021 01:18
Dead link: "Due to regulatory requirements this brand ( cannot be accessed from your country [Australia]. We apologise for any inconvenience caused". I hope this does not carry over to other aspects of match coverage.
Chessrenaiss Chessrenaiss 9/23/2021 01:38
Please pay attention:
The name of the country is North Macedonia.