Keep the distance: A "Corona Composition Tournament"

5/26/2020 – What to do during the corona crisis? The German magazine "Schach" came up with an interesting idea: a "Corona Composition Tournament". Only compositions qualify in which the pieces keep "social distance" and do not touch each other. Sounds easy? Maybe, but keep in mind that the board has only 64 squares. Try your skills as a composer and win ChessBase vouchers.

Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge

Checkmate. That's the aim of the game. There are numerous ways to checkmate the enemy king, but there are common patterns that recur over and over again, and having these at our mental fingertips is essential for when we want to finish the game.


The "Corona Composition Tournament"

Everybody talks about "Physical Distancing" and now it is time to practice it on the chessboard!

We are looking for previously unpublished problems with the topics of "mate in two (or more) moves", "helpmate", "win" or "draw".

In the starting position all pieces must keep "physical distance", that is, they are not allowed to touch each other. All surrounding squares of all pieces must be unoccupied.

The solution also has to follow this requirement though the following exceptions are acceptable: captures, contact in sidelines or in the last move of the solution.

Though the judge will favour compositions in which distance is maintained throughout!

Send your composition(s) by email to tournament director Thomas
Brand by Friday 10 July at the latest:

Judge Hans Gruber will announce his decision in the October issue of SCHACH
(to be published on 25 September 2020).



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c_webber c_webber 9/2/2020 11:28
Corona Composition Winners !
ArcyKen ArcyKen 5/27/2020 04:42
Difficult to invent something now ! Thanks for information.
JoshuaVGreen JoshuaVGreen 5/27/2020 01:28
@Zvi Mendlowitz, you're right about the last move. Thanks for pointing that out as well as noting the existing condition.
Zvi Mendlowitz Zvi Mendlowitz 5/27/2020 12:56
@Joshua @ArcyKen
This fairy condition already exists:
search for anti-koko

Also, touching is allowed in the last move of the solution, so 3.Rc3 is OK (if it was mate).
ArcyKen ArcyKen 5/27/2020 08:03
@Joshua : you are absolutely right. I thought it would be very interesting to introduce this new form of Chess where "touching" pieces is forbiddent and call it "Coronachess".
You are also right in showing that 3.Rc3 is illegal !
JoshuaVGreen JoshuaVGreen 5/26/2020 11:47
@ArcyKen, I think you misunderstand (or maybe I do). The intent isn't to define a new fairy condition -- though I could see "Coronachess" taking off, perhaps even going viral -- but to create a problem in which the "standard" restrictions naturally lead to solutions satisfying this property. (Also, if such moves were forbidden, then 3. Rc3# wouldn't be legal.)
ArcyKen ArcyKen 5/26/2020 11:27
@Joshua : no, touching another piece is forbidden (Coronachess !)
JoshuaVGreen JoshuaVGreen 5/26/2020 07:05
@ArcyKen, 3. ... Kd4.
ArcyKen ArcyKen 5/26/2020 05:06
For Nr 1, what about this other solution :

1.Rc6+ Kd3 2.Kf5 Ke3 3.Rc3 mate