Luxurious Mediterranean Boys and Girls Championships

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7/14/2010 – This is an excellent chance – a special offer: the 3rd Mediterranean Boys and Girls Chess Championships will be held from 31st August to 8th September 2010 in Crete, Greece. The players will stay in the beautiful five-star Hotel Cavospada, with one male and one female participant from each federation getting full board free of charge. Nominations before July 21!

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3rd Mediterranean Boys & Girls Championships, Crete, Greece

31st August – 8th September 2010

1. The Tournament
The 3rd Mediterranean Boys and Girls Chess Championships will be held from 31st August (arrival) to 8th September (departure) 2010. The tournament is being sponsored by Kydon Sports Club and Giannoulis Hotels, Crete, Greece, where the championships will take place. The third sponsor is the Municipality Of Platania.

2. Participants
One player each for the Boys and Girls Championships nominated by each Mediterranean Federation as listed in the MCA statute. Players born on January 1st, 1990, and after are eligible to participate. If a Federation wishes to have additional players participating, besides those qualified through the normal way and by right, it should apply to the Organizing Committee. A player can participate in the competition only after getting an official consent from the Organizing Federation.

3. Registration
The registration form/s shall be submitted to the General Secretary of the Mediterranean Chess Association by e-mail ( by not later than 21st July 2010. The organisers are willing to accept registration from individuals on a first come first served basis unless the respective Federation has registered players already. If participants submit the registration form after the deadline they may have to pay for their accommodation or even be refused entry.

4. Traveling Expenses and Airport Transfers
Traveling expenses shall be covered by the participating Federations. Transportation from the Chania international airport in Crete to the hotel and back will be managed by organizers for free. 

Facts about Crete: Size: 8259 sq. km; Population: about 500 000; Highest Mountain: Psiloritis; Airport: Yes. Phone numbers: International code: 0030, Local code: Ira: 2810 Chania: 28210, Reth: 28310, Tourist Information: Heraklion: 222487 Chania: 92943; Airport: Heraklion: 245644, Chania: 63264; Bus company: Ira: 245017; Ferries: Heraklion: 244603, Chania:27500.

5. Board & Lodging
The participants, one man and one woman nominated by each federation, will be provided with full board per day per player. Any additional participant or accompanying person will have to pay for all their expenses in Crete. The accommodation will be provided in Hotel Cavospada.

The hotel, the Cavo Spada Luxury Resort & Spa, is an absolutely beautiful five-star resort, located 18 kms west of the picturesque city of Chania. Its location combines in a unique way the beauty and tranquility of the Cretan Archipelagos with the unsurpassed charm of the famous Old Venetian town which is only a short drive away.

Positioned on the west side of the Gulf of Chania, the hotel is built on a long stretch of beach, offering magnificent views of the Gulf of Chania and of Cape Spada. The latter is a spectacular rocky cape after which the hotel was named. The hotel is spread over a 50,000 m2 private property, hence offering ample space for all the guests.

The extra players will pay 70 Euros for registration fee. Extra players and accompanying persons that would like to stay in double rooms (full board) will have to pay 60 Euros per day, per person. (The normal price of the hotel Cavospada is more than 130 Euros per person per day).

6. Entry Visa & Participant Details
All participants are requested to send one passport-size photo (jpeg) of their players and a scan of their passport to the MCA along with the registration form. Please check with your Government or the Greek Embassy in your country on the need or requirements for visas to Greek.

7. Tournament Regulations

7.1 Tournament Venue
The tournament venue will be announced by the 30th June 2010.

7.2 Procedure of appeals
Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or any of his assistants, must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the Appeals committee within one hour after completion of the playing session. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 100 EUR, as a deposit from the signatory. If the protest is accepted and the decision changed, then the deposit will be returned back to the claimant.

Otherwise money will be transferred to the MCA Treasury or Organising Committee. The Appeals Committee will be selected prior to the first round during the Technical meeting and will be made up of three persons selected by the majority of the players.

7.3 System and rate of play
Boys and girls will participate in one joint tournament. This will give more opportunity for rating and norms. The Championships are organized as per the FIDE Rules in the FIDE Handbook. The events will be conducted according to the Swiss System, 9 rounds. The time limit will be 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move for each player. The games will be played using DGT clocks.   7.4       Pairings

Pairings will be made with Swiss Manager software. Pairings will be announced as soon as possible after each playing round finishes, and will be posted in front of the tournament hall and in other key areas.

7.5 Ranking and Tie – breaks
The order of players, for the award of trophies, that finish with the same number of points, shall be determined by application of the following tie-breaking procedures in sequence proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to (d) according to the extent required.

(a) Median-Buchholz
(b) Buchholz
(c) Progressive Scores
(d) Match between tied players

7.6 Playing Schedule

Tuesday, August 31st 2010

–, 19.00

Arrival Day, Technical Meeting

Wednesday, September 1st 2010

10.00, 17.00

Round 1, Round 2

Thursday, September 2nd 2010

10:00, 16.00

Lectures by two GMs, Round 3

Friday, September 3rd 2010

10.00, 16.00

Round 4, Round 5

Saturday, September 4th 2010

10:00, 16.00

Lectures by two GMs, Round 6

Sunday, September 5th 2010 

10:00, 16.00

Lectures by two GMs, Round 7

Monday, September 6th 2010

10:00, 16.00

Lectures by two GMs, Round 8

Tuesday, September 7th 2010

10.00, 17:30

Round 9, Closing Ceremony/Prizes

Wednesday, September 8th 2010


7.7 Prizes

The Championship winners will be awarded trophies and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals respectively. The organisers are also please to announce cash prizes as follows:

The Prizes for Boys: 1st. 300€, 2nd. 200€, 3rd. 100€
The Prizes for Girls: 1st. 250€, 2nd. 100€, 3rd.  50€

Cash prizes will be split equally if there is more than one player qualifying for the cash prize. Women players who may rank in the first overall three places will be given a choice as to which prize and trophy they may wish, but no person may win more than one respective prize & trophy.

The organisers will also offer prizes in special categories (Cups and medals for first three in categories  8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 for boys and girls).

7.8          Additional Rules:

(a) Article 10.2 of the Laws of Chess is not valid.
(b) After each game players will hand the original scores to the arbiter signed by both of them.
(c) Analyzing is not allowed in the playing hall.
(d) During the game the players are not allowed to go to the analyzing room.
(e) Players who have finished their games shall be considered to be spectators and are not allowed to stay in the playing area.
(f) Players are asked not to bring any mobile phone into the playing hall. If a mobile phone rings the player will be punished according to the Laws of Chess by loss of the game.
(g) Flash photography may be used only in the first ten minutes of the games
(h) We assume that all the players have read the Tournament Regulations and are obliged to obey them.
(i) Only the players and arbiters shall be allowed in the actual playing area, except with the express permission of the chief arbiter.
(j) As long as a person’s game is in progress, a player may talk only to an arbiter or with his opponent, as permitted by the Laws of Chess.
(k) The English text of these Tournament Regulations is the authentic version.

8. Training Camp
The Organisers are pleased to announce that a Training camp consisting of a number of lectures for the participants, by two world leading trainers will be held during the tournament.

9. Unforeseen Items
Any matter not mentioned in the present Regulations shall be decided by the MCA Council in conjunction with the organising committee. 

Contact numbers for the Tournament Director Sakis Kouvatsos: +30-6944347603 or the MCA General Secretary Mr Geoffrey D Borg +356-99434729.

The President of Kydon Sports Club
Sakis Kouvatsos

Click here to download the registration form (PDF)
Please return this registration form/s with the copy of the passport/s
not later than July 21st 2010. Emails to be addressed to

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