Lucas van Foreest wins Pardubice Open

by André Schulz
9/29/2020 – The Dutch Grandmaster Lucas van Foreest won the Czech Open in Pardubice. After defeating his countryman Liam Vrolijk in the final round van Foreest finished with 7½/9 and was half a point ahead of the the young Polish International Master Jarmula Lukasz (born in 1998) and the even younger International Master Robby Kevlishivili from the Netherlands (born in 2001), who both scored 7.0/9.

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The final round

In the last and decisive round Lucas van Foreest won with Black against his countryman Liam Vrolijk. For a long time the game had been equal but then White suffered a sudden blackout that cost him the game.


Black attacks White's rook on c3 and White's knight on b4. White now played 30.Rc7? The only, but sufficient, move was 30.Rb3. 30...Nc5 Defending the bishop b7 and trapping the rook on c7. 0–1

Before the last round Lucas van Foreest and Robby Kevleshvili shared first with 6½/8 each, but Kevleshvili achieved no more than a draw against Jiri Stocek and had to content himself with sharing second and third place with Lukasz Jarmula.  

Final standings

Rg. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Van Foreest Lucas 7,5 50,5
2 Jarmula Lukasz 7,0 49,0
3 Kevlishvili Robby 7,0 48,0
4 Stocek Jiri 6,5 49,5
5 Noe Christopher 6,5 49,5
6 Plat Vojtech 6,5 47,0
7 Petr Martin 6,5 46,0
8 Mendonca Leon Luke 6,5 45,0
9 Vrolijk Liam 6,0 48,0
10 Golubka Petro 6,0 46,5
11 Vogel Roven 6,0 45,5
12 Szpar Milosz 6,0 45,0
13 Zwardon Vojtech 6,0 44,5
14 Parvanyan Ashot 6,0 44,0
15 Storme Isak 6,0 44,0

129 players




André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.


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