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7/9/2002 – Would you like to take up the challenge? Play in our international Internet match on the Fritz server against four young girls between 12 and 18, each a junior champion, playing from a beautiful castle in Germany. More

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International Internet match in Dresden

July 18 – 26, 2002

The traditional Dresden Open has been renamed. This year the players will participate in the "ZMD Open", the name coming from the successful microelectronic specialist ZMD, whose head office is in Dresden and who have shown a lot of commitment for chess in Saxony (see multimedia report in CBM 83 Extra). The immediate result for the players: there will be an unprecedented prize fund of over € 26,000 (€ 4000 for the winner) at the ZMD Open.

Even if you cannot make it to this event you can participate in a small way. At the opening ceremony there will be a special Internet match featuring four young German girls, each the winner of her age category, and opponents from different continents.

The German women's champions are:

Tina Mietzner
Maria Schöne
Evgenia Smirina
Elena Winkelmann

Tina Mietzner (above), the women's under 18 champion, is the strongest of the four: Elo 2105.

The three younger participants: Evgenia Smirina, women's under 14 champion, Elo 1903; Elena Winkelmann, under 12, Elo 1575, and Maria Schöne, under 16, Elo 2062.

All four have a fair bit of experience in chess. In the above picture they are playing in a simul against a visiting Grandmaster from Baku.

Tina also took part in the simul and played a tremendous game which included a queen sacrifice and a drawn endgame with opposite bishops. Unfortunately she committed an error in the endgame and the merciless male opponent (did we mention: from Baku?) took the full point.

Invitation to play

The Internet match will begin on Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at 18.30 MEZ (= 16:30 GMT, 17:30 London, 12:30 NY) and will last until 21.00 MEZ.

The venue is the beautiful Schloss Albrechtsberg in Dresden.

For the match we are looking for four opponents who meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have a proper Fritz server account and a stable connection.
  2. Your OTB rating should be approximately equal to one of the girls'.
  3. You should be located in a different country, preferable on a different continent.

We would prefer if you could play your game in public, e.g. in a chess club or with other people present. Media coverage at your end would be welcome – in Dresden there will be a great deal of international press. Young opponents are preferable, girls even more so. There will be prizes for the participants: the latest Fritz, Hiarcs or Shredder software and trainings CDs.

If you are interested in taking part in the Internet match please contact us. You should tell us exactly where you live, your playing strength (OTB and Fritz server) and also give a few lines of biographical information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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