Looking ahead: FIDE World Championship in San Luis

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8/11/2005 – The FIDE Classical Chess World Championship is set to take place in San Luis, Argentina, from September 27 to October 16 this year. The venue is a beautiful lake-side hotel complex, the eight participants are amongst the strongest players in the world. Top seed Vishy Anand talks about the event.

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The FIDE World Chess Championship will take place in the Hotel Potrero de los Funes Complex, in the Province of San Luis, Argentina, from September 27 to October 16, 2005.

The venue

The Hotel Potrero de los Funes, where the event will be staged

The Potrero de los Funes Complex is still under construction

The hotel is on the banks of a beautiful lake


27 September Opening Ceremony   07 October Free day
28 September 1st round   08 October 9th round
29 September 2nd round   09 October 10th round
30 September 3rd round   10 October 11th round
01 October 4th round   11 October 12th round
02 October Free day   12 October Free day
03 October 5th round   13 October 13th round
04 October 6th round   14 October 14th round
05 October 7th round   15 October Tie-breaks
06 October 8th round   16 October Closing Ceremony


Vishy Anand IND 2788 11.12.1969
Veselin Topalov BUL 2788 15.03.1975
Peter Leko HUN 2763 08.09.1979
Peter Svidler RUS 2738 17.06.1976
Judit Polgar HUN 2735 23.07.1976
Michael Adams ENG 2719 17.11.1971
Alexander Morozevich RUS 2707 18.07.1977
Rustam Kasimdzhanov UZB 2670 11.06.1979

Anand: “I think these are the seven most difficult rivals in top class chess”

Viswanathan Anand: International Grandmaster. Born in Madras (India) on December 11th, 1969. He learned to play at the age of 6, with his mother as his first teacher. Since a child he proved his talent to play at an unusual speed. Today it is an important weapon in his strategy. In 1991, at the classic “Regia Emilia” of Italy, he won the tournament beating Kasparov and Karpov. In 2000 he won FIDE’s World Championship, and revalidated it in 2002. Today he is number 2 in the world ranking (2788 points).

Anand spoke to the Press Office of the World Chess Championship San Luis 2005 and said that “it is tough to pick a favourite” player, that’s why he thinks these seven rivals are the most difficult in top class chess. Among some “tips” he mentioned as very important for this championship, he made a special emphasis on one: “lots of luck”. And regarding spectators, he considers that people will be enjoying from their “mistakes, time troubles and genial moves”.

Ten questions

1, What are your expectations about this important competition?

Anand: Of course it will be a very important event. I think all eight of us will be training our guns for the event. I will start training soon. Since it is a tough double round robin I think each round will be really important.

2. How do you evaluate the way of play of this competition? (Double round-robin)

Anand: Exhausting, nerves, tension, patience, stamina, and lots of luck.

3. Which are your favourite players among your seven opponents? And who will be the toughest?

Anand: All will be equally tough. It will depend on each one's play. Some will get cracking from the beginning while others may have to work more. It is tough to pick a favourite. I think these are the seven most difficult rivals in top class chess.

4. How are you preparing yourself for the WCC Argentina 2005?

Anand: I am playing in Mainz a rapid match. After that I will start working for Argentina. I will do some physical exercise routine. Some preparation and lots of rest before the actual event.

5. Do you think that you will be coming being in your best competition level?

Anand: I certainly think I have a fair shot. I will give it my 100% and more. But that is what everyone will also be thinking!!

6. Which will be the "tips" to win the competition?

Anand: I think patience, stability, stamina, and of course great novelties.

7. Will this tournament be very different from all the others you have already played?

Anand: We play each other quite often in tournament chess. But when it comes to a title I think the stakes rise. This adds its own dynamics and tension. That could also be a vital factor.

8. Will the spectators be seeing "new things" in the way of playing?

Anand: We hope we can entertain our fans and they enjoy from our mistakes, time troubles and our genial moves. I think it will be a very entertaining chess event.

9. Why should spectators not miss this championship?

Anand: I think all eight will be giving everything they have to win. Personally, for me it is a challenge which I both enjoy and want to be fighting fit and ready. I am sure the spectators are going to have a good time watching first class chess in an exotic location.

10. Name the first things that come in to your mind when you think of Argentina.

Anand: Tango! Patagonia! Spanish. I was in Buenos Aires in 1994. Although we didn't really get time to see much of the city, I had a very pleasant time.

Source: Press Office of the WCC San Luis 2005

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