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10/13/2001 – We thought it was a game reserved exclusively for us geeks. But would you believe it, a lot of interesting personalities are playing the game. At lease in the film world. We present a number of examples in our puzzle section. You are supposed to identify the names of the players and the films. If you get 70% correct you can win a copy of our brand-new program Fritz 7. The first set of pictures is to be found more

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Here are some interesting personalities from film and show business, all playing chess. How many can you identify? Send us the names of the player or players in each picture, together with the film from which the scene was taken. If you can identify at least seven of the 10 scenes correctly you can win a copy of our brand-new program Fritz 7.

Personality 1:

Personality 2:

Personality 3:

Personality 4:

Personality 5:

Personality 6:

Personality 7:

Personality 8:

Personality 9:

Personalities 10:

The competition in part one of our personality puzzle is now closed. The winner is Christoff Mans from Pretoria, South Africa, who gets his copy of Fritz 7 as soon as it is out. You can find the correct answers here...

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