London Chess Classic: Tickets are available

9/25/2015 – The 7th London Chess Classic (4. to 13. December) is the third and final leg of the Grand Chess Tour. After finishing eighth in the Norway Chess Tournament and second in the Sinquefield Cup Magnus Carlsen still has a chance to win the Grand Chess Tour if he wins this tournament. Tickets for this great chess event are available now. Press release.

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The inaugural Grand Chess Tour could hardly have produced a more exciting climax as the countdown begins to the 3rd and final leg at the London Chess Classic. Chess lovers enjoyed top-class fighting chess during the first two legs of the Grand Chess Tour and after Levon Aronian’s victory at the Sinquefield Cup, almost all the players are still in with a chance of winning the overall trophy.

Magnus Carlsen scored 10 Grand Tour Points at St Louis as he was placed second on a tiebreak based on the number of wins. The third and final leg of the Grand Chess Tour, the London Chess Classic, will be the most highly anticipated tournament of the year.

Grand Chess Tour 2015 - Ratings correct as of 1/9/15
Rank Title Name Rating Federation Points
1 GM Veselin Topalov 2816 Bulgaria 17
2 GM Hikaru Nakamura 2814 USA 16
3 GM Levon Aronian 2765 Armenia 15
4 GM Magnus Carlsen 2853 Norway 14
5 GM Anish Giri 2793 Netherlands 13
6= GM Viswanathan Anand 2816 India 12
6= GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 2744 France 12
8 GM Fabiano Caruana 2808 USA 9
9 GM Alexander Grischuk 2771 Russia 8
10 GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2683 Norway 1
11 GM Wesley So 2773 USA 1

Despite only finishing in 7th place at the Sinquefield Cup, Veselin Topalov still leads the overall Grand Chess Tour standings thanks to his outstanding result in Norway Chess. There are three prizes for the overall standings up for grabs ($75.000, $50.000, $25.000), so there will be a lot to play for in addition to the $300,000 prize fund. The closeness of the GCT standings can be explained by the fact that most players who did well in Norway were less successful in St Louis and vice versa.

All the information on the UK’s largest chess festival is now on the London Chess Classic website. has online entry for the London Chess Classic FIDE open, weekend tournaments and Super Rapid. You can download the entry form and of course buy tickets for rounds 1-9 of the London Chess Classic.

London Chess Classic

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Fiona Steil-Antoni
Press Officer

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donwaffel donwaffel 9/29/2015 09:14
Hammer was not nominated he qualified winning a tourney including Fressinet.
3 norwegians one swede, one dane and Fressinet.
amarpan amarpan 9/27/2015 07:48
Thanks skakistis, I was expecting that Adams would be nominated by the host federation. I mistook the list given in the article to be the list of participants for the London Chess Classic.
skakistis64 skakistis64 9/27/2015 02:50

My understanding is that the host federation is not required to nominate a local player, although in this year's events each has done so. Hammer is included in the list of players who have earned Grand Chess Tour points. He is not included in the list of London Chess Classic participants. Nor is Wesley So playing in the London Chess Classic. As with Hammer, he is in the list of those who have earned Grand Chess Tour points. The host federation nominated Michael Adams to play in the London Chess Classic.

amarpan amarpan 9/26/2015 02:48
What is Hammer's name doing there? I thought he was in the Norway tournament because the host country gets a spot to include a local.
gmwdim gmwdim 9/25/2015 04:50
Don't worry, Ding and Wei are grabbing Elo points at a rapid pace. Ding is already rated 2781, in the world top 10, and only 22 years old. He'll be getting plenty of invitations in the future. Wei is only 16 and world #20 right now. And then there's Li (2750) and Yu (2722).
Pentium Infinite Pentium Infinite 9/25/2015 02:15
Time for these super tournaments to include chinese regularly. Those kids play chess. Carlsen Carlsen, Caruana Caruana, Anand Anand are being shadowed by Lirens and Yis.

But yes, you guys love Elo.