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11/1/2020 – Anish Giri's life story is simply amazing. He is a Dutch citizen right now, but has a Nepali father, a Russian mother, and a Georgian wife. He is world no.10 and one of the absolute best in chess! Today, at 2:30 p.m. Anish will do a live interview on YouTube. It's the life story of the Dutch legend, described in his own words! Don't miss it. Currently Vishy Anand is being interviewed!

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Anish Giri is of Russian-Nepalese extraction. He was born in St Petersburg on June 28, 1994. His mother is Russian, his father Nepalese. The family now lives in Holland. Anish speaks five languages: best of all Russian (his "mother tongue"), English (fluent and clear), Japanese (he lived there with his family for some years), and Nepalese (but "just a little", he says with an embarrassed smile). What And of course Dutch – after all he now lives in Holland, doesn't he?Anish is very computer literate and know how to operate the latest software competently. 

In January 2009 Anish became the world's youngest grandmaster, after he completed his final GM norm In Wijk aan Zee. The lad was 14 years, 7 months and two days old.

Currently there is a Q&A with Vishy Anand!

We will be doing more interesting Blitz Challenges in the future, with Anish, as well as other prominent and interesting players. Prepare for some nice surprises.

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