Life After Chess – Kasparov in Newsweek

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2/21/2008 – Recently Garry Kasparov wrote a eulogy for Bobby Fischer in Time Magazine. This week the former world chess champion and author of general life strategy books is featured in a Newsweek article, conducted via Skype call. Other stories tell of Kasparov's detention on a trip to Sochi, his lawsuit against a pro- Kremlin youth organisation and his question to US Presidential candidates.

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Life After Chess

Former champ Garry Kasparov still sees the world in terms of pawns and kings – and thinks you should, too.

No one, ever, was a greater master of the chessboard than Garry Kasparov, whose 22-year reign as world champion set a standard for dominance. During his time at the top, Kasparov made his mark outside the competitive arena as well, working constantly to bolster the popularity of the game and especially arguing for its place in the computer era. In retirement, Kasparov, now 44, is taking on an even more formidable foe in his native Russia: Vladimir Putin. Kasparov aborted his run for Russian president late last year, but remains one of the most vocal dissidents in the land. NEWSWEEK caught up with the chess legend – a gregarious, witty conversationalist who puts the lie to chess wizards as antisocial wonks – in a New York-to-Moscow Skype call.

Interview by Steven Levy

Other stories

News24: Kasparov held by Russian cops
Opposition politician and former chess champion Garry Kasparov has been stopped by police while in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Ekho Moskvy radio reported on Sunday. Kasparov was in a minibus with others at Sochi when he was stopped by police. He told Ekho Movsky from a police station that police had confiscated the rented minibus on suspicion that the vehicle was stolen.

Interfax: Kasparov's minibus detained in Sochi
"We rented the minibus and were traveling to a seaside town to meet with local residents. We were stopped on suspicion that the minibus had been stolen," Kasparov told Interfax. The driver was told to move all passengers to a police station, he said. "Our status is not clear. It looks like we were semi-detained," Kasparov said.

The Other Russia: Kasparov Sues Nashi Youth Movement
Garry Kasparov, the leader of the United Civil Front and a front man of The Other Russia Coalition, filed a lawsuit Friday against the “Nashi” pro-Kremlin youth movement. The proceedings, to be held in the Savelovsky District Court in Moscow, will begin on February 18th. The reason for the claim is a leaflet distributed by Nashi at a series of its events and gatherings. The pamphlet describes the opposition leader as “a citizen of the United States,” and asserts that objective of the Russian opposition is “to ransack Russia’s national wealth in the interests of the USA.” Garry Kasparov intends to recover and defend his honor, dignity, as well as business reputation, and is seeking 30 million rubles (€ 834 thousand or $1.22 million) as compensation for moral damages.

The Other Russia: A Question for the US Primary Candidates From Garry Kasparov
As Russia nears its own election on March 2nd, Garry Kasparov, the co-Chair of the Other Russia coalition, poses a question for the US presidential primary debates. “The Bush years have only made the situation worse as Putin has turned my country into a police state. Hillary Clinton said recently that Putin “has no soul” and Mitt Romney referred to Putin as a dictator. John McCain has been outspoken in support of Russia’s democratic opposition. So the question is, will you pledge that as president you will work to remove un-democratic Russia from the G-8 league of great industrial democracies? Or will you continue to provide a dictator with democratic credentials?”

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