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10/2/2006 – In these turbulent days the letters are pouring in – more than two hundred from our readers yesterday. They will have to wait for editing and publication. For now we need to get two out, one from the Honorary Vice President of FIDE Israel Gelfer and one from the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP). Appeal and criticism.

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September 30th 2006
To GM V. Topalov, GM V. Kramnik,

Dear Veselin, dear Vladimir,

My letter may come too late, due to the circumstances we are in. However, I am trying, as other do probably, to contribute to the efforts to solve the chaotic situation the chess world is facing.

I am approaching you as a member of the World Championship Cycle Committee, who was partly involved in the preliminary talks and preparations, but mainly as a chess lover who, I am sure, represents the view of millions of chess fans. The whole chess world's eyes are focused today to what is happening in Elista.

FIDE Honorary Vice President Israel Gelfer from Israel

The whole world who was waiting for so long to this match is watching and ask itself: Is it real? Is it true? Is it possible that such a glorious moment in the history of chess with such marvelous players is breaking off because of a discussion about the toilet??

Dear Vladimir and Veselin, I am not exaggerating when I say that in the eyes of the world you are both not only great chess players but also great personalities, great sportsmen. For this reason, among others, I allow myself to urge you not to let down the whole chess world. I am asking you to respect the enormous efforts, financial and others, made by Fide President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who was striving so much to unify the chess world. I am asking you to remember that these efforts finally succeded to end a crisis of more then a decade, and I am asking you again to consider the historical moment that you are a part of.

You may have one or more claim against FIDE or its representatives. Some of it may be justified, but please put this aside, and put in first priority the interest of the whole chess world.

Great people are recognized in big and historical moments. I honestly believe that this is such a moment for you to raise yourself above of all minor issues, even if they looked crucial yesterday.

To conclude, I am urging you, again, to put all legal, practical and other issues aside, to realize that a historical moment is in danger, to sit down with FIDE President Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and to find a solution which may not fully satisfy all parties, but surely will give you a glorious place in the history of our noble game.

Yours very truly,
Israel Gelfer
Fide Honorary Vice President

Injustice done to one is a threat to all

ACP Statement on Topalov-
Kramnik Unification Match crisis

The situation arisen in the Topalov-Kramnik Unification Match brings a lot of damage to the image of chess. The Association of Chess Professionals will thoroughly analyse all the facts and express our opinion on the whole matter soon, but even right now we want to clearly stand that we find the letter written by Silvio Danailov, Manager to Veselin Topalov, on the 28th of September 2006 disgraceful.

Especially a sentence "If the match were to continue, the World Champion would refrain from shaking hands with Mr. Kramnik before the games" is unacceptable. It is abusive, contradictive with the FIDE motto "Gens una sumus". Moreover, Mr Danailov not only accussed Mr Kramnik of cheating, without showing any serious evidence, but already found him guilty, prior to any investigation.

As the purpose of the ACP, as described by the Article 2 of the ACP Statutes, is "the protection of professional chess players' rights, the practice and promotion of chess worldwide", we strongly protest against behaviour of Mr Silvio Danailov, Manager to Veselin Topalov, and expect him to officially apologise to Mr Kramnik. Otherwise, we believe that the case should be carefully investigated by the FIDE Ethics Commission and proper measures taken to avoid such situations in the future.

Best regards
ACP Board
1st of October 2006

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