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7/11/2002 – This Thursday our GM trainer, Dorian Rogozenko, is going to tackle the Sicilian Dragon – its historical background and how to play it. The lecture will be held on the Playchess server, starting from 19:00 GMT (= 21:00 hours Berlin/Paris time, 20:00 London or 3 p.m. NY). Attendence is free. More

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Dorian Rogozenko writes:

My lesson this Thursday on the Fritz Server will be about Sicilian Dragon. I will speak a little bit about its historical background – on the name “Dragon” and how it come about. I will show the visitors some little-known examples in order to demonstrate White’s and Black’s most typical attacking plans.

The concept of the lesson is how, by playing Sicilian Dragon, you can improve your general chess understanding. In fact I plan to entitle the lesson “Sicilian Dragon as a way of improving your chess”. I will speak about time factor in chess, strategical plans; show typical combinations for both sides.

I would like to mention that the Dragon is quite controversial. Bobby Fischer once said that in the Dragon with White all you have to do is open the h-file and then check, check, mate. On the other hand the Dragon is still alive and kicking. The most important moment of its revival came with the Kasparov-Anand match, where basically thanks to Dragon Sicilian Kasparov was so easy victorious.

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday night on the Fritz server.

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