Last day impressions of Wijk

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1/25/2004 – What do you do on a Sunday when you feel like driving your new car? You find an excuse for your family to spend a day away from home. Useful that on this very Sunday is the final round of the Wijk aan Zee chess tournament. ChessBase programmer and sometimes roving journalist Jeroen van den Belt sent us this illustrated report.

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Final day of the Corus Tournament in Wijk aan Zee

As a Dutchman you of course know the way to Wijk aan Zee, even if it is not given on every map and car atlas. By the way Dutch comes from the word “Deutsch” which means German.

J ust in case you get lost, you enter the name of the town into your new GPS guided Navigation System and in your new Polo car. Was this the main reason for the trip to Wijk?

Colorful flags decorate the street in front of the playing hall

A note excludes normal mortals from a section reserved for top players. What is behind the door?

Refreshments, but only for the likes of Vishy and Vlady and co.

On the front stage the players at work

A disappointing 9th place for the world-class player Peter Svidler

Vicious Viktor Bologan, who beat Alexei Shirov in the last round with black

Bulgaria's top player Veselin Topalov, who tied with Bologan for 4-5 place

Vladimir Kramnik prepares to do battle against Peter Leko

Evegeny Bareev, who scored 50% together with Kramnik and van Wely

A very respectable performance by local boy Loek van Wely

Once again the great Dutch player Jan Timman finishes last

The winner of the tournament, Anand, in a pensive mood

Anand's scoresheet after the very short final game.

Peter Svidler, always available for a nice little chat

Grab a quick bite to eat? Anand and Svidler prepare to leave

Viktor and Vlady after the tournament

Winner Anand at the closing ceremony

The traditional victory speech by Wijk aan Zee Vish

Chinese Women's World Champion Zhu Chen in the GM Group B

Kateryna Lahno, exhausted after playing Hasting and Wijk back to back

The sensational winner of the GM Group C: Magnus Carlsen. More about this 13-year-old soon

In the press area two Russian ladies playing blitz against each other

A closer look? Okay fine. This is Anna Dergatschova

... and this is Ksenya Rybenko

Pictures by Jeroen van den Belt and Aniko Kiss

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