Kramnik vs Deep Fritz starts October 2nd 2002

by ChessBase
6/14/2002 – Originally scheduled for October 2001 the match between the Classical Chess World Champion Vladimir Kramnik and the the world's top-rated chess programm Deep Fritz had to be postponed due to the events of September 11. The match will now start on October 2nd 2002 in the Gulf state of Bahrain. This was announced by the Einstein Group in London today. You will find full details in this press release.

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Einstein Group the broadcaster and multi media group that owns the international television channel, Einstein TV and media rights in the Classical World Chess Championship today announces it has completed the final agreement with The General Organisation for Youth and Sport (GOYS) in Bahrain for the Brains in Bahrain competition between Classical World Chess Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, and the world's top-rated computer chess program, Deep Fritz.

An Opening Ceremony on October 2nd will inaugurate the eight-game match, with the games themselves to be played at the Bahrain Mind Sports Centre between October 4th and October 19th. The event will culminate in a Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving on October 20th. Deep Fritz, designed by ChessBase of Hamburg, Germany, will be using an eight-processor machine and is considered by many chess experts to be the strongest computer chess program ever written.

World Champion Vladimir Kramnik commented that:

"The human brain has the power to take on the computer. In this match, I will be fighting against the best chess-playing program on a brutally fast machine. This match will be a fight against the computer, the most significant technical development in history. It is also a battle between human creativity and monstrous calculating power. Deep Blue did not impress me that much. The fact that even a weaker program managed to beat Garry Kasparov tells us that the match in Bahrain will be a hard challenge for me."

Frederic Friedel, one of the founders of ChessBase, the developers of Deep Fritz agrees that Brains in Bahrain is a big opportunity:

"We are basically taking over where Deep Blue left off. We have the unique opportunity to test the power of the world's most advanced chess software running on a very powerful computer against the reigning World Champion. That is what every chess programmer dreams of."

When Garry Kasparov played IBM's Deep Blue in 1997, the match generated huge interest with millions of hits on the official web site as the tournament developed. Today, Einstein brings the opportunity for worldwide television coverage as well as internet coverage on the official Brains in Bahrain website ( Steve Timmins, Einstein Group's Chief Executive Officer, believes that this is a truly 21st century media event:

"The development of digital TV channels means that this kind of top level event can be seen around the world in a way not previously possible. We are delighted to be involved in the Brains in Bahrain event and would like to thank the Emir of Bahrain for his sponsorship of such a great match."

For further information please contact:
Louise Cottrell – Einstein Group Commercial Director
Tel: +44 (0) 7870 648095

Steve Timmins – Einstein Group Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +44 (0) 7968 947477

Einstein Group plc, founded in 1999, is an international multi media group with offices in London, Berlin, and Bristol. The Group floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in March 2000.

Einstein Group comprises the following companies:

  • Einstein TV Ltd - this company represents the Group's international TV channel and web brand, Einstein TV, which is dedicated to science and technology. It is a platform for the Group to develop transactional and interactive services alongside broad based education and entertainment activities; Intellectual Leisure Ltd holds a five year contract with the Classical World Chess Champion, Vladimir Kramnik and will be organising key chess tournaments and competitions including the 'Brains in Bahrain' tournament this October, when Kramnik will play the World's most powerful computer. In addition, Einstein TV will be providing innovative and exciting programming relating to chess worldwide
  • Einstein Entertainment, the TV programme production division of the Group, develops and produces a wide range of factual and entertainment based programmes which are commissioned by broadcasters in the UK and overseas
  • Einstein Consulting Ltd is the consultancy division which specialises in providing project management and media and broadcasting consultancy services to leading media companies worldwide.

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