Kramnik concedes a draw to an 11-year-old

3/1/2002 – Wunderkind David Howell did actually achieve a world record and scored a draw against BGN world champion Vladimir Kramnik in a one-to-one blitz game, the last in their four-game encounter. The media interest was tremendous – in fact we caught the report on Sky News, where Kramnik said: "It was definitely not a walk-over, I had to concentrate!" He predicts a great future for David. More

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David Howell scores against Kramnik

The 11-year-old British chess prodigy David Howell played Vladimir Kramnik in a blitz match staged by Einstein Group plc. today. David was playing for the Einstein Trophy and a very special record: by drawing just one of the games he would go down in history as the youngest person ever to have scored against a reigning World Champion in single combat. Vladimir Kramnik won the match by taking the first three games but, by achieving a draw in the final game, David actually set the world record Einstein were looking out for.

Vladimir Kramnik in the press conference before the games...

... and in a game against David Howell [Photos Tinni Levitt]

The event was covered live on the Internet by the London Chess Center. You can replay all four lightly annotated games on our Javascript board.