Kortchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge 2017

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11/6/2016 – On June 6th this year one of the all-time greats of chess, Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi, passed away. In his final years, debilitated by a series of strokes and bound to a wheelchair, he attended the Zurich Chess Challenge each year, in fact playing a match himself in 2015. To honor the unforgettable chess legend there will be a special memorial tournament from April 13th to 17th, 2017 in Zurich. Take note of these dates – you can participate as well.

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Kortchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge 2017

Viktor Korchnoi – 1931-June [photo with kind permission by David Llada]

In honor of the unforgettable chess legend Viktor Kortchnoi, who passed away June 6th, the Zurich Chess Club will organize at Easter time, from April 13th to 17th, 2017, at the Kongresshaus in Zurich a grandmaster tournament with the two world champions: Vladimir Kramnik and Viswanathan Anand, and the world class players Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Hikaru Nakamura, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Peter Svidler as well as the best player of the "Nutcrucker Event" 2016 in Moscow and the best Swiss chessplayer Yannick Pelletier. They will play seven rounds with a time control of 45 minutes and 30 seconds per move and a Rapid Tournament with a time control of 10 minutes and 5 seconds per move on the last day.

Kortchnoi Open

At the same time a strong Open Tournament is organized, to which all chess friends around the world are wellcome. Seven rounds will be played with a time control of 90 minutes and 30 seconds per move.
More information about both tournaments will be provided in January 2017 on the official web site.


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Co-Sponsors: Zurich Chess Club, Aviora Holding AG Baar, Savoy Chess Corner Zurich and other chess friends.

The Schachgesellschaft Zürich, which was founded in 1809. Its historical development has been retraced by Richard Forster and Christian Rohrer in a series of articles for us:


Viktor Korchnoi dies at 85
6/6/2016 – He was one of the truly great chess players, a legend. He played in three matches that produced the World Champion, but in each case lost to Anatoly Karpov. It made him the strongest player never to have won the title. In 1976 he defected from the Soviet Union and took up residence in Switzerland, where he continued to be active into his eighties in spite of a stroke. Now he has gone and leaves a grieving chess community. Eulogy by Frederic Friedel.

Jonathan Speelman pays tribute to Viktor Korchnoi
7/12/2016 – He was arguably the strongest player never to become world champion. Viktor Korchnoi died just under a month ago, and a lot has been written about this super-grandmaster who had played against six generations of chess players. Jonathan Speelman, who faced him 18 times, has written an insightful eulogy in CHESS magazine, which includes a number of little-known pictures.

When the warlord was young
6/27/2016 – Seventy years ago a young boy made his debut in competitive chess. Our thumbnail shows him a few years later, at the start of a great career. For decades tournament halls resonated with his astonishing victories and disasters no less. Time and again he fell and rose like a Phoenix. Here Nagesh Havanur remembers those early steps in a legendary career, which recently sadly came to an end.

Paying homage to Viktor
6/11/2016 – All over the world, obituaries, eulogies, tributes and testimonies have been written on behalf of a legend whose longevity and passion were an inspiration even for world champions. Here are some of the words that have been said by players such as Anand, Short, and Nakamura, as well as special tributes sent by Judit Polgar, Kavalek, Speelman, Benko, and more...

Kasparov pays tribute to Korchnoi
6/8/2016 – At age 85, and seriously enfeebled as any could see even in photos or videos, one would think Viktor Korchnoi's death would be no great shock, and yet it was. The reason is that he had long seemed living proof age was only a number, not a reality. In print and online everywhere, players are writing tributes and testimonies. Here is Garry Kasparov's, one of his biggest admirers.

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