Korchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge: Nakamura supreme

by Albert Silver
4/17/2017 – After having shared first in the New Classical games, both Nepomniachtchi and Nakamura fought to confirm their place under the sun in the final blitz phase. Here it was all Nakamura as he dominated proceedings, taking clear first, with Anand in second. The combined overall standings gave Nakamura clear first with a point lead, ahead of Nepomniachtchi in second, and Anand in third. Express report.

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2017 Kortchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge

Full report with GM analysis will follow...

Replay all the blitz games

Final blitz standings

Replay all the New Classical games (45 min. + 30 sec increment)

Final New Classical standings

(Note: the New Classical games are worth double the blitz, which is not reflected in the crosstable above)

According the the rules of the Zurich Chess Challenge 2017 the winner of a classical game is awarded two points for the overall standings. A draw gives each player one point, and the loser gets zero points. In the final Blitz tournament on Monday, 17 April, the winner is given one point, a draw gets a player half a point, and the loser gets zero points.

Combined scores

Rk Name ELO Pts SB
1. Hikaru Nakamura (USA) 2793 15.0 44.25
2. Ian Nepomniachtchi (RUS) 2751 14.0 40.75
3. Viswanathan Anand (IND) 2786 13.5 39.25
4. Peter Svidler (RUS) 2747 12.0 38.25
5. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS) 2811 11.0 37.75
6. Boris Gelfand (ISR) 2724 9.0 24.25
7. Grigoryi Oparin (RUS) 2604 5.5 16.75
8. Yannick Pelletier (SUI) 2541 4.0 12.25


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Born in the US, he grew up in Paris, France, where he completed his Baccalaureat, and after college moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had a peak rating of 2240 FIDE, and was a key designer of Chess Assistant 6. In 2010 he joined the ChessBase family as an editor and writer at ChessBase News. He is also a passionate photographer with work appearing in numerous publications, and the content creator of the YouTube channel, Chess & Tech.


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