Korchnoi leads in Paks at halftime

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8/10/2007 – The oldest player – by a big margin – is showing the greatest vigor and acuteness at the György Marx tournament in Paks, Hungary. After the first half of the double round robin Viktor Korchnoi leads with 3.5/5 points, followed by Peter Acs of Hungary. Only 26% of the games were drawn so far; White won 47% and Black in 27%. There is a new glamor short in our illustrated report.

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This tournament is being held in commemoration of the famous physicist György Marx, and is intended to give the most talented young local grandmasters an opportunity to gain experience. The main patron of the tournament is József Kovács, the director-general of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks. The venue is College of Paks, Dózsa György str. 95, Paks.

There are two tournaments: the main GM event is a double round robin event with six players, the GM B tournament is a ten player round robin. Time controls are 100 minutes for 40 moves + 50 minutes for 20 moves + 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with 30 seconds move increment from the first move. The "Sophia rule" is in effect: players can offer a draw in the first 40 moves only with arbiter's permission and in special cases.

Halftime report

The tournament venu in Paks, Hungary

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant, for which the town is famous, is 5 km from the center of the town. It is the only operating nuclear power complex in Hungary. It has four reactors which produce more than 40 percent of the electrical power generated in the country.

A view of the playing areas in Paks

Viktor Korchnoi playing 6.Bd3 in the round two Slav against Harikrishna (draw)

Actually he is thinking... Korchnoi in his round three loss to Balogh

Peter Acs (right) playing Viktor Korchnoi in round four (Korchnoi won)

Viktor Korchnoi vs Ferenc Berkes in round five (1-0)

Ferenc Berkes (right) vs Peter Acs, both from Hungary, in round two (1-0)

It's just a Scheveningen, Hou... Round two game Hou Yifan vs Csaba Balogh (1-0)

Round 4: Pentala Harikrishna of India vs Csaba Balogh of Hungary (draw)

Round 5:Hou Yifan (right) of China vs Harikrishna (0-1)

Standings after three rounds

The draw average has climbed to 26%, which is still sensationally low. White has been successful in 47% of the games, Black in 27%. In the Grandmaster B tournament IM Gábor Papp and GM Attila Grószpéter remain in the lead, with 4.0/5 points each.

The Grandmaster B tournament during round four

Indian WGM Tania Sachdev, 21 years old, 2393. And no,
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Photos by Gyula Molnár

Remaining schedule

Date Time GM GM B
11th August 15:00 Round VI. Round VII.
12th August 15:00 Round VII. Round VIII.
13th August 15:00 Round VIII. Round IX.
14th August 15:00 Round IX.  
15th August 11:00 Round X.  
  19:00 Closing  


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