Korchnoi in a clinic recovering from a stroke

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12/29/2012 – The chess legend and multiple World Championship Challenger Viktor Korchnoi is in a Swiss clinic after suffering a stroke and experiencing heart problems. The octogenarian has been in poor health for some time now, and it is unlikely that this great fighter will return to competitive chess. We wish him a speedy recovery, a return to his home and peace and rest in his twilight years.

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According to his friend Dr Christian Issler, the President of the Zurich Chess Club, Viktor Korchnoi suffered the stroke a while ago. The Swiss national of Russian origin lives in Wohlen, near Zurich, and is 81 years old. He was playing quite vigorously until September this year. In 2011 he beat the chess star Fabiano Caruana, today number five in the world, at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The game and result made the news because the two players were, remarkably, more than sixty year apart in age. The same year Korchnoi won the Botvinnik Memorial Veterans' rapid chess tournament in Russia (August 2011), scoring 7.0/9 points, one more than his nearest rival in a field that included Mark Taimanov, Lajos Portisch, Wolfgang Uhlmann, Evgeny Vasiukov, Igor Zaitsev, Aleksandar Nikitin, Borislav Ivkov, Oleg Chernikov and Anatoly Bykhovsky.

This year "Viktor the Terrible" played in an event pitting the Geneva Chess Club against famous chess legends (Korchnoi, Ribli, Spraggett, Andersson and Hort). At the time we filed a report with pictures by Frits Agterdenbos of ChessVista. Here an excerpt:

The top-scoring player by tiebreak was none other than octogenarian Viktor the Terrible, a ripe 81 years old, forced to play from a wheelchair, who scored 7.0/10, tied with Kevin Spraggett and Zoltan Ribli.

16-year-old Lars Rindlisbacher playing Viktor Korchnoi...

... who was as uncompromising as ever and scored only two draws in ten games.

The final round ten report with ample footage of Korchnoi

The final standings

Korchnoi was still playing at the end of September 2012, when he drew against the many times Italian national champion GM Michele Godena in the Swiss league.

Korchnoi giving a simultaneous exhibition in London last year...

... despite the trouble he had with walking

The great chess fighter is currently in a clinic, following a stroke and additional complications brought on by heart problems. Friends and family hope that he will be released soon and can return to his home in Wohlen. We wish Viktor Lvovich, whom we have known and cherished as a friend for decades, a speedy recovery, with peace and rest in his twilight years.

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