Komodo 14 + Powerbook 2020: A powerful bundle

by ChessBase
9/27/2020 – Four times in a row, from 2016-2019, Komodo won the World Computer Chess Championship. And Komodo 14 is even stronger than its succesful predecessors and will help you to improve your game. With the Fritz Powerbook 2020 included, this "Autumn-Special" bundle, for only €89.90, is a "Championship Powerhouse" (offer valid till 30.9.)! 25 million opening positions, derived from millions of high-class tournament games, is what the Fritz Powerbook 2020 contributes. And if that isn't enough, all bundle-buyers have a chance to win a signed DVD by Indian super talent GM Nihal Sarin.

Komodo Chess 14 and Fritz Powerbook 2020 Komodo Chess 14 and Fritz Powerbook 2020

Komodo Chess 14 and the Fritz Powerbook form a perfect team!


Komodo Chess 14

Komodo 14 thinks like no other chess program.
Inspired by AlphaZero, two years ago Komodo programmers GM Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler began to redevelop their engine from the ground up. A good decision, since Komodo 13 was setting new benchmarks not only on the basis of its performance, but also because of an innovative approach with “MCTS” (“Monte Carlo Tree Search”). Komodo 14 continues with that successful concept. In addition to a further improvement in playing strength Komodo 14 offers exciting new functions for the configuration of the engine.

Playing strength meets individuality

The new Komodo 14 is once more 40 Elo points stronger than its predecessor. But what is quite new is how it can be varied. In addition to the standard version there are seven other “personalities” which all come with their own playing style: aggressive, defensive, active, positional, endgame, beginner and human. For analysis, this provides new options: switch the engine over to “aggressive” whenever you suspect that the position offers enough attacking potential for a win, or go into the positional mode if the position demands well thought out strategic play!

Double world champion 2019

Last year Komodo won the world championship title on two occasions and can call itself “2019 World Computer Chess Champion” and “2019 World Chess Software Champion”. And the current Komodo 14 has been clearly improved over its predecessor!

Match winner and analysis partner

It is delivered with two versions of the engine: the playing strength of the standard version is somewhat stronger than the “MCTS” version, so long as the engine only has to calculate one variation at a time. If the number of variations is increased, however, the very much improved “MCTS” version is your first choice!

Includes current Fritz 17 program interface and six months ChessBase Premium Account.

Fritz Powerbook 2020

Fritz Powerbook 2020 contains 25 millions opening positions, derived from 1.7 million high class tournament games. Together with each position all relevant information is stored: all moves that were played in the position, by players of what average rating, with what success and performance results. The games from which the Fritz Powerbook 2019 were derived are also included on the DVD. This means that in any position of the openings tree you can load and replay the games in which the position occurred. Fritz Powerbook 2020 represents the state of the art of in current openings theory. Discover exciting and tricky new lines and practice them against Fritz. In addition the DVD has a small but very exclusive book with the strongest GM games (ELO >= 2550) from the past 100 years (2.7 Mio positions).

Fritz Powerbook 2020

Strongbook 2020

Komodo Chess 14 and Fritz Powerbook 2020

Komodo Chess 14 and the Fritz Powerbook form a perfect team!

Chance to win a signed DVD by Nihal Sarin

Since this is another lovely bundle offer for only €89.90 instead of €169.80, we offer the chance to win a signed DVD again. If you are one of the buyers of this bundle (valid till 30th September 23:59 CET), you have the chance to win either a signed Komodo Chess 13 DVD or the Opening Encyclopaedia 2019. GM Nihal Sarin from India gave his autograph on both DVD covers, and if you are lucky, one of them can be yours soon!


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