King of the Castle

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4/22/2003 – On April 13 2003 Garry Kasparov turned 40. He celebrated his birthday at Home House, a fashionable London club, which 23 close friends from 11 nations celebrated with him. The Times of London was also present and conducted an extensive, highly readable interview with the champion. We bring you some highlights and a link to the Times article.

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  • “I feel very comfortable with coming up with views that will be strong and unacceptable to some people.”

  • “As a big fan of Tolkien I believe that there is absolute evil but there is no absolute good in this world. There are moments when everybody who shares the same values must be united to fight absolute evil.

  • “There’s a difference between fascist dictatorship and communist dictatorship. Dictatorships of the Right can be knocked down like a box. Communist dictatorship knocks out a country because it kills its immune system, like Aids."

  • Judit Polgar's recent win over him does not negate the general principle that women are not generally capable of greatness at chess. We can either be “politically correct” and deny this, or else seek an explanation.

  • “Chess is a mixture of sport, psychological warfare, science and art. When you look at all these components, man dominates. Every single component of chess belongs to the areas of male domination.”

  • Computers have the personalities of those who programmed them. Deep Junior displayed “Israeli creativity”; Deep Fritz betrayed signs of “Germanic punctuality”.

  • “I still love the game. It still matters to me whether I make a mistake or not. It eats me alive.”

Here is the full Times article.

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