Khanty-Mansiysk pictorial: all players identified

by ChessBase
10/10/2010 – A few days ago we published some very nice portraits of Olympiad participants. They were all taken from the official web site, where they appeared without captions. So we asked chess fans to help us identify the players. The results are now in and we can present you with the names and some biographical information of all of the players. And: the prize winners have been informed.

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2010 Chess Olympiad
in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

The 2010 Chess Olympiad took place from September 21st to October 3rd in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. It was an 11-round Swiss System team event, in which each team has four players with one reserve.

Time control: 90 minutes/40 moves + 30 minutes + 30 seconds/move as of move one.

Pictorial review

We asked our readers to submit the names of players they recognized, with two prizes to be won: one for the best submission – a copy of Fritz signed by multiple world champions – and one lesser signed prize for a reader picked by chance. The potential winners have been notified by email and will receive the prizes if they supply a postal address.

A number of readers, e.g. Philipp Bouillon of Düren, Germany and James Coleman of London, England, noticed that with some of the pictures right clicking and selecting "properties" revealed the players names. "Unfortunately I knew all of those anyway, so it didn't really help," wrote James Coleman. Exactly: everyone recognised Kramnik and Nakamura, but we did not want to spoil the fun by giving the names of obvious players.

In the following we have given the names of readers who reliably and comprehensively identified the players in our pictorial. This does not mean that they were not identified by numerous other readers. Where the number of correct submissions were very large we left out the source in square brackets.

01: Ivan Cheparinov, born November 26, 1986 in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria, rated 2661,
who scored 6/9 with a rating performance of 2640

02: Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, Russia I, 2780, who scored 5.5/9 (two
wins, seven draws) for a 2794 performance, the ninth best at the Olympiad

03: Sheena Ramsay of Barbados and Kenneth Boikhutswane, captain of Botswana

04: Gabriel Sargissian, Armenia, rated 2677, 6.0/11 points, 2644 performance

05: Israeli GM Emil Sutovsky, rated 2665, who scored 7.5/9 (six wins,
three draws) for a 2895 rating performance, the best at the Olympiad

06: Boris Gelfand, Israel, rated 2751, scored 4.5/9 with a 2705 performance
(with Evgeny Bareev and Elmira Mirzoeva directly behind him]

07: Kiyul Lee, Wang Yue, Young Hoon Jung. Wang Yue is currently the No. 1 ranked player from China. Kiyul Lee and Young Hoon Jung are Korean players with ratings of 1971 and 1923 respectively [identified by Kim Inguh]

08: Yuri Dokhoian, former Kasparov second, captain of Russia 1 women's team

09: Arnold Mein, 11, of the Seychelles, who was identified in an official press report
but is not listed on the Seychelles Olympiad team

10: Hikaru Nakamura, USA, rated 2733, scored 6.0/10 with a 2741 performance

11: Teimour Radjabov, Azerbaijan, scored 6.0/9 points with a 2755 performance

12: IM Jakob Vang Glud, board three Denmark [identified by Rolf-Dietrich Beran, Altlandsberg, Germany]

Picture 13 (?)

14: Chuma Mwale [Christopher Kreuzer] or Banda Francis [Max Cheng] of Malawi

15: Erikson Soares from Angola [according to Gunther van den Bergh of South Africa]

16: British GM Jon Speelman, non-playing spectator

17: Ediberto Domingos from Angola, 3rd board, rated 2186, and is currently ranked #10
in his country [identified by Omar Baez of Miami, USA]

18: Louise Eli, Seychelles board 5 [identified by Christopher Kreuzer, London, UK]

19: Rose Wabuti of Kenya [Ateka of Monbasa tells uy Rose is an electrical engineer working
with the national carrier, Kenya Airways. The head gear is a Maasai traditional dressing]

20: Aymen Shakir of Pakistan [identified by Max Cheng]

21: WIM Nafisa Muminova, who played on board one for Uzbekistan, where she made
5½/10 – a nice result if you check her opponents [identified by Omar Baez]

22: Elena Kurochkina, Russia, who played for IPCA [identified by Giang Nguyen, Adelaide, Australia]

23: WIM Alejandra Guerrero and WIM Lorena Mendoza, getting her face signed

"I certainly remember Lorena as she totally swept me off the board in a local tournament last year!" says Carlos García of Mexico City. Gunther van den Bergh from Cape Town, tells us that the guy in the background with his hand on his face is Johannes Mabusela of South Africa.

24: Sop Selen of Turkey [identified by Max Cheng, Los Angeles, USA]

25: Viktorija Beinoraite, Lithuania women, board 5 [Christopher Kreuzer]

26: Monique Sian Sischy of South Africa [Gunther van den Bergh, SA]

27: Sabrina Latreche (or her sister Khadidja) from Algeria [identified
by Mihajlo Stojanovic, Beograd, Srbija, coach of the Japanese team]

28: IM Tania Sachdev, India, rated 2382, scored 5.5/9 for a 2381 performance

29: Annelaine Jacobs, who is 14, on board 3 of Aruba [identified by Sheena Ramsay of Barbados]

30: Amani Jalal, board 1 of Yemen, 22 years old [identified by Sheena Ramsay of Barbados]

31: WGM Atousa Pourkashiyan, Iran, rated 2322, scored 6.5/11 with a 2376 performance

32: WIM Iva Videnova, Bulgaria [Rolf-Dietrich Beran, Altlandsberg, Germany] or
Veronika Exler from Austria [according to Katharina Newrkla from Vienna, Austria]

33: Haregeweyn Abera, one of the Abera sisters (Betelhem Abera drew Anatoly Karpov in a recent simultanous display), has been, for a long time, Ethiopia's strongest female player [information provided by Mussie Mengesha, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia]

34: Ana-Maria Ursu from Moldova [identified by Alon Shulman, Herzeliya, Israel]

All pictures by Olympiad Press Center journalists



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