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2/8/2019 – The 53rd Annual Greater New York Scholastic Team and Individual Chess Championships and a similar event in Chicago were held recently, and the Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Championships is coming up in a just over a week. All are in cooperation with the Kasparov Chess Foundation. | Pictured: (Seated) Michael Khodarkovsky and Garry Kasparov (standing) scholastic coach Michael Ellenbogen and New York scholastic players | Photo: Kasparov Chess Foundation

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New York

More than 1500 students, Kindergarten through 12th Grade, competed in the 53rd Annual Greater New York Scholastic Team and Individual Chess Championships (January 5th to 6th, 2019). Held at the New York Marriott Hotel at the Brooklyn Bridge, the event drew scholastic players from nine states across more than 300 schools, with some players travelling as far as Illinois, Tennessee and Virginia to attend.

The Championships had near-record-shattering attendance and included a variety of tournament sections, based on school grade and US Chess rating.

Kasparov in the playing hall

Garry Kasparov and Michael Khodarskovsky observing games in the ballroom | Photo: Kasparov Chess Foundation

Kasparov Nico Chasin

(Left) Garry always takes the top boards seriously / (Right) Encouraging Nico Chasin (who won JH section) before the start of the game | Photo: Kasparov Chess Foundation

Following are the winners from the Championship sections in High School, Junior High, Elementary, Primary and K-1:

Individual Championship Winners

Primary Championship

Sec. Name Score School
K-1 Connor Wang 6/6 Quaker Ridge Elementary, Scarsdale, NY
K-3 Timothy Xie 6/6 South Mountain Elementary, Millburn, NJ

Elementary Championship (Ties listed in tiebreak order)

Sec. Name Score School / Town
K-6 NM Liam Putnam 5½/6 Coram, NY
K-6 NM Liran Zhou 5½/6 George A Jackson Elementary, Jericho, NY
K-6 WFM Ellen Wang 5½/6 Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY

Junior High Championship

Sec. Name Score School / Town
JH FM Nico Chasin 5½/6 Baruch Middle School, NY, NY
JH NM Davis Zong 5½/6 Hunter College High School, NY, NY
JH NM Jason Liang 5½/6 Trailside Middle School, Ashburn, VA

High School Championship 

Sec. Name Score School / Town
HS IM Hans Niemann 5/6 Weston High School, Weston, CT
HS NM Joseph Zeltsan 5/6 Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, NY
HS FM Wesley Wang 5/6 Jericho High School, Jericho, NY
HS NM Max Li 5/6 Edgemont High School, Scarsdale, NY
HS William Hu 5/6 Jericho High School, Jericho, NY

Kasparov at High School section

Kasparov before making a first move on the top board of the High School Championship section found out that none on the top four boards would start with 1.e4 | Photo: Kasparov Chess Foundation

Team Championship Winners

Sec. School Town
K-1 Avenues: The World School NY, NY
K-3 Speyer Legacy and PS 77 (Lower Lab) NY, NY
K-6 Speyer Legacy NY, NY
K-9 Hunter College High School NY, NY
K-12 Jericho High School Jericho, NY

High School Mixed Doubles Teams

  • Evelyn Zhu and Max Li finished – 8.0 (1st on tie breaks)
  • Nikki Khmelnitsky and IM Hans Niemann – 8.0

For more results, please visit gnyscc.com.

The Foundation would like to acknowledge the following Tournament Directors and staff of this wonderful event, many of whom have been doing this tournament for a long time, while others officiated for the first time:

Steve Immitt, David Hater, Danny Rohde, Sophia Rohde, Grant Oen, Korey Kormick, Jabari McGreen, Hector Rodriguez III, Glenn Panner, Martha Underwood, Michelle Martinez, Hal Sprechman, Harold Stenzel, Bob Messenger, Polly Wright, Noreen Davisson, Aris Marghetis, Jim Mullanaphy, Brother John McManus, Aiya Cancio, Jaimie Jones, Karl Heck, Al Lecours, Maya McGreen, Mariah McGreen, Beena McGreen, Kofi McGreen, Eric Stenzel, Ron Young, Harry Heublum, Aaron Kiedes, Anatoly Ostrovskiy, Taraqur Rahman, Yvonne Scorcia, Ernesto Rivera, Ebony Tyler, Jessica MaCarthur, and Beverly Cabarrurias.

Special thanks should also go to the Chess Center of New York and the Little House of Chess for helping to organize this wonderful celebration of chess in New York.


More than 640 players from 129 schools participated in Chicago’s largest US Chess Federation rated tournament of the year: the 10th Annual Greater Chicago K-12 Championship. The competition was fierce, but by the end of the day, this year’s City of Chicago Chess Champions were crowned. This year drew huge crowds with over 100 more players than last year.

The tournament is part Kasparov Chess Foundation’s 2019 Greater Scholastic Championships Series of tournaments, spanning two-thirds of the nation. The event is made possible by the collaboration of Chicago Public Schools’ Academic Chess program, Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation, Kasparov Chess Foundation, and sponsorship from the SBB Research Group.

For a complete list of winners, please visit rknights.org.

Chicago playing hall

Photo: Kasparov Chess Foundation

Up next: Greater Mid-Atlantic Championships

The 10th Annual Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Chess Championships are taking place on Saturday, February 16th at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly High School) & Western High School 1400 W. Cold Spring Lane.

Open to all players, K–12 grades, the competition is ideal for the beginner as well as top-rated competitive players. Organized and sponsored by Kasparov Chess Foundation, the non-championship games are 30 minutes per player plus 10-seconds delay per move. Championship games are 60 minutes per player plus 10-seconds delay per move (non-delay clocks get no additional time.). The games are rated by the United States Chess Federation (USCF). Details about eligibility rules.

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