Kasparov vs FIBI in the broadsheets

1/8/2003 – Remember when it was Kasparov vs FIDE? Now in a déjà vu twist it is Kasparov vs FIBI (First International Bank of Israel). We reported on the cancelled Jerusalem leg of the Man vs Machine event and Kasparov's reaction. Today the broadsheets are full of it. Even the Islamic Republic News Agency of Iran (IRNA) give it a full page. More.

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  • Globes Online: Kasparov cancels on Israel chess competition after "FIBI threats"
  • The Guardian: Kasparov's Jerusalem visit checked
  • New Mexican, Ha'aretz:: Top Chess Player Cancels Plans to Play Computer in Israel
  • ABS-CBN: Legal dispute cancels Kasparov exhibition match
  • IRNA, Iran: Kasparov unable to go to Israel for warm-up games vs Deep Junior



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