Kasparov on GPS with Fareed Zakaria

1/13/2016 – "Since retiring from chess [ten years ago] he has become a campaigner for human rights and democracy in Russia," CNN host Fareed Zakaria introduced Garry Kasparov on his weekly GPS show. Zakaria, who also writes a weekly column for The Washington Post, asks the 13th World Chess Champion why Russia is in a dangerous stage right now. Watch this explosive seven-minute segment.

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Zakaria: If you listen to the version of history that Vladimir Putin believes — and there are many Russians who believe this — the problem is that the West was always trying to keep Russia down, that the West attacked Serbia, Russia’s ally, that the West criticized Russia about Chechnya, that the — that the West has expanded NATO to Russia’s borders. In other words, that there was an attempt at — you know, there was a — there was a hostility that the West showed to Russia, triumphalism, and that that’s why Russia has had to react in this way that it has.

Kasparov: Yes, well unfortunately, all these arguments we heard from Adolf Hitler when he just — he was trying to explain, you know, why Germany behaved as it — as it did. I’m not talking about 1939, 1930 — 1940, but about ’33, ’34, ’35. And by the way, the harsh conditions imposed on post-World War in Germany by the Versailles Treaty are nothing could be compared with very preferential treatment offered to Russia under Boris Yeltsin by the United States and Europe. There were credits, there were — they were — the doors were opened. Russia was accepted in G-7, turned to be G-8, not being, you know, a normal democracy and not the greatest industrial power.

So the — there was a good credit line, both financial and political. And as for the expansion of NATO, look, eastern European neighbors of Russia had some bad memories. And nobody doubts now in Estonia or Latvia that if not for NATO membership, Putin’s tanks could be in Tallinn and Riga today.

Zakaria: Really? You believe that?

Kasparov: Look, I think that NATO is the only — the only thing that protects them, because Putin definitely looks for the weak spots on the map and he believes that, you know, if it’s — if he can grab it, he does it.

Listen to the rest of the interview, which appeared on prime time in the CNN schedule:

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cansa cansa 1/17/2016 05:06
i think there is no chance for chessbrah,Kasparov will outplay him like he is doing with his oponents in 10 secs match https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzOIU6sEL3Q
cansa cansa 1/17/2016 05:02
Do you think that Kasparov can win with chessbrah in blitz? i think he can
cansa cansa 1/17/2016 03:26
Kasparov is also known as Raffael on playchess so for sure he can beat chessbrah in blitz.
cansa cansa 1/17/2016 03:23
Maybe chessbrah can beat Kapsarov in hyper bullet time but in blitz he will lose.Kasparov why you dont play on lichess?
cansa cansa 1/17/2016 03:20
Is Garry playing on Lichess?? the best on lichess is chessbrah is some argentine GM ,Garry plsease play on lichess too
Mark Schreiber Mark Schreiber 1/16/2016 08:37
This may not be about chess. But Kasparov insights in world politics are on the target. He doesn't pull any punches. He calls a spade a spade. Having Kasparov insights here only improves this site. Kasparov is using his celebrity to make the world a better place.
DaTribe DaTribe 1/15/2016 08:38
Winter is definitely coming however Russia is not the one bringing the cold weather. Wake up and look at the reality of the situation. Who are the ones starting and maintaining all the wars in the world. Killing millions of people and calling everyone else terrorists. Turn off the western media and use your own brains.

Is it Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc next? After invading Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria in the efforts of fighting terrorism that is funded by the same chaps who are fighting it. When are you people going to wake up and see the truth for what it is? Kasparov is a stooge for the powers that be.

Don't believe the propaganda that is pushed through the TV. Look at the results for yourself. One fake threat after another to provoke endless war. And the public just keeps lapping it up. Garry should be quiet and go back to chess. If he was genuinely seeking peace he would support Russia and not the imperialistic ideology of the west.

Tomorrow if the media tell you the sky is really black, then no doubt everyone would believe it. SMH!

@yesenadam They always make out the people who are correct (spot on) to be crazy. Fisher simply didn't want to be a stooge but Garry is quite happy to be.
GregTelepniovsky GregTelepniovsky 1/15/2016 07:05
The comparisons with Fischer's paranoia -- and Gary's sobre assessment of FACTS is absurd. Fischer ranted; Gary opines on a regime that a) invaded a sovereign nation, b) has murdered, directly or indirectly, I believe 300 dissidents in 10 years, and c) has no true free press. These are FACTS, and you're delusional if you ignore them. Gary is also prescient at times. During the Yeltsin years he made a couple predictions that came to pass, despite scorn from some American commentators and politicians. Is Winter really coming? Time will tell; but I wouldn't bet against Gary (Ps - he speaks more intelligent English than most US politicians)
ubernomics ubernomics 1/15/2016 02:21
I don't actually mind hearing from Kasparov despite understanding his motives. It's definitely a net positive as a news item. He's still former world champ. And he still does chess activities of all sorts (high-level kibitzing, autographs, excellent books about Great Predecessors, huge globs of cash from mysterious anonymous sources.) And one can hardly object, as the content is free (and best in the world, regardless.) Still the only chess site I read on a regular basis.
Beanie Beanie 1/14/2016 10:49
Gazza is a friend of Friedel which perhaps explains why he appears so often here. But IMHO this is a small price to pay for us lucky viewers to enjoy the finest chess website on the net. Such great reports, photos, annotations, even philosophy.
david7365 david7365 1/14/2016 09:07
Dear Editor, please can the site concentrate on its excellent chess coverage, rather than promoting Kasparov's latest book?
danichess danichess 1/14/2016 05:28
@Captain Picard, the interview might be awsome ,Kasparov is awsome, but this is a chess portal. I expect to read things related to chess, not international geopolitics.
yesenadam yesenadam 1/14/2016 04:42
"the Jews"! Oh my god. So many nutty and/or ignorant comments here. CB comments are on a trend down towards youtube-quality. :-( Maybe it's just the nature of the story brings out the nutbags. I hope so. But there is a sad decrease in quality of thought since the comment era began on here. Will try not to read them any more I think. This page was appalling - I feel smaller having read it. Thanks CB comments, but no thanks. Bye. Thanks to the many commenters I've enjoyed reading.
DaTribe DaTribe 1/14/2016 01:05
The ability to look deeper and see behind the wall of lies makes Fisher look crazy. Food for thought there. Having listen to Vladimir Putin and look at the result of the United States war on terror, I will have to say that I believe more in Putin than the western agenda of imperialism. Garry while he is great at chess is clearly a political stooge for some big, dare I saw, NWO players. Possibly the Jews; maybe Fisher new something after all.
Nyanaviveka Nyanaviveka 1/14/2016 01:01
Once again many thanks to you for giving Garry Kasparov a stage and a voice in the world of chess, thus reminding the younger, politically rather disinterested players that chess is not played in empty space, isolated from the world.
Jean Dalidis Jean Dalidis 1/14/2016 11:48
I would like to see Mr. Kasparov speaking about human duties.
cansa cansa 1/14/2016 10:49
@Gods Chosen Kasparov is briliant ok he lost to deep blue but he plays with his chess knewledge with the whole ibm team so .. Garry Kasparov is a star no matte that he lost to machine.
Gods Chosen Gods Chosen 1/14/2016 06:48
Chessbase is Pro-Garry to such an extent that they will even report things that are not related to chess.
Michael Bartus Michael Bartus 1/14/2016 05:45
the prevalent assessment in the West was that Russia wasn't given favorable terms to reach democracy but had to dismember their state enterprises and that gave rise to the oligarchy problems. Kasparov should have stayed with chess and left politics to the stooges.
cansa cansa 1/14/2016 05:37
Yeah Bobby Fishcr one of the best chess players in te world ever like Kaspy told that he is happy that WTC collaps in terrorism act.You think that we should listen all the gratast chess players? i dont think they have same issue from to much spending time on chess.
stephen brady stephen brady 1/14/2016 03:38
Lots of negative comments about Garry. Please, puts some quotes from the interview that you think are unfair or crazy. I think a lot of what he said about Russia makes sense and is right on target.
solskytz solskytz 1/14/2016 03:25
Nobody can compare Fischer's obvious deterioration and detachment from reality to Kasparov's activity.

Fischer became a recluse. Kasparov is often seen in major chess and non-chess events.

Fischer broke up with almost all of his friends. Kasparov is congenial.

Fischer used to rant senselessly and speak in generalities. Kasparov is quite specific and very coherent about his messages, which are always interesting to read and hear.

Kasparov has always been an impressive personality also away from the chessboard. Fischer - basically only up to about 1972.

Fischer appeared, looked and sounded pathetic after he won the WCH. Kasparov may be provocative at times - but he always inspires respect (maybe with the exception of the touch-move incident with J. Polgar).
cansa cansa 1/14/2016 02:27
Mr. Kasparov pls stop being mad and go back to chessbooard ... i love you and i miss you.
mc1483 mc1483 1/14/2016 02:15
Kasparov is going all the way down just like Fischer did, more and more obsessed with his paranoias. Since 1984 he believes communists are plotting against him, unaware communists were long ago extinct (except North Korea, maybe), and each year he's getting worse. Fischer was obsessed by jews in much the same way, and din't live happily ever after.
cansa cansa 1/14/2016 02:01
maybe he gone mad like Bobby Fischer ,,, this top chess players in the world has obsessions
cansa cansa 1/14/2016 01:57
@danichess i dont know this is some lecure from Kasparov.
Captain Picard Captain Picard 1/13/2016 11:54
danichess - why did you click the story???? I like the interview, Kasparov is awesome!
danichess danichess 1/13/2016 11:42
wtf does this note have to do with chess???
Beanie Beanie 1/13/2016 10:55
Gazza is not a human rights activist. He supports actions, such as war, that diminish human rights.