Kasparov live: Najdorf Vol. 3

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6/2/2007 – What do you need to succeed in the Najdorf? Analysis and preparation is one thing of course but creativity and energy over the board is also essential, says Garry Kasparov. No wonder that the Najdorf was one of his most favourite and successful weapons. On his new DVD “Najdorf Vol. 3” you can feel the unique intensity of this great chess genius. Buy it now or read more.

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Garry Kasparov: How to play the Najdorf Vol. 3

For many years the Sicilian Najdorf Variation has been the most popular and most successful reply to 1.e4. During that time the Najdorf has been a favourite weapon of perhaps the greatest chess genius of all time, Garry Kasparov. Over a great number of years, the World Chess Champion had many a victory with the sharp and always very concrete Najdorf Variation and has stamped his mark on the development of the said opening.

If you experience what he has to say on the Najdorf-DVDs, you will realise how familiar the various systems are still to Kasparov. Nobody knows, as Kasparov does, the many main ideas behind systems and the little tricks which make the Najdorf such a complex and such a fascinating opening. The new Najdorf-DVD by Kasparov concentrates on the English Attack (6.Be3 e6 7.Qd2 b5 8.f3 Nbd7 9.g4) and the Hungarian Attack (7.g4 e5 8.Nf5).

The English Attack in particular is one of today’s most popular lines in the Najdorf variation. When it became fashionable towards the middle of the 80s, Kasparov did not at first look over-impressed with the apparently over-ponderous way in which White played (with Be3, Qd2, f3 and only then g4).

On the DVD Kasparov admits that he had been wrong his first evaluation. In the 90s, he finally included the English Attack in his own repertoire for White and went on to play this system frequently and very successfully with both colours.

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On the DVD he offers not only insights into the history of the variations, but above all he aims at helping you understand the plans and ideas. Kasparov’s presentation is always riveting and you cannot but feel the intensity and creativity with which this man struggles for the initiative, comes up with ideas and develops strategies  – and not only over the chess board. The DVD “Najdorf Vol. 3” offers five more hours of chess training of the very highest class. It also includes the ChessBase 9.0 Reader and a large reference database.

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