Kasparov em Brasil

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9/3/2004 – Brazil, or Brasil as they write it, is embracing chess (xadrez) more and more. Anand and Karpov were invited to play in the showcase Desafio tournament in Sao Paulo. At the same time, Garry Kasparov was giving a simul, touring education centers, and signing the Brazilian edition of his book series. Report and photos.

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Kasparov, Tudo Bem

Official site All photos by Luiz Doro/@dorofotos

Kasparov was in the building with Anand and Karpov, but his opponents weren't the same at all. The world #1 was there to play a 20-board simultaneous exhibition against various local celebrities and politicians, as well as a group of Sao Paulo's top juniors.

While Anand was crushing the Desafio field, Kasparov did the same, making a clean score in just over two hours. Meanwhile he was also there to promote the new Brazilian version of his Predecessors book series. This was Part One, translated by Brazilian GM Giovanni Vescovi. Part Three comes out in Russian this week.

Kasparov signed the new book in several locations during his trip and he also gave two speeches at a gigantic business management seminar. "Chess and Business Strategy" was the overall theme. Before audiences of over 1200 businessmen Kasparov talked about strategy and tactics, trusting your instincts, and the importance of creativity and vision. Kasparov's busy schedule also included a trip to a giant local center that is one of Sao Paulo's centerpieces for their education drive. There hundreds of kids played in a huge simul against ten local players.

Kasparov will be back at the board in more serious competition soon enough. He will play in the European Club Cup in Cesme, Turkey starting October 2. However, he told us he will not be playing for Russia in the Calvia Olympiad starting October 14.

A long line forms for signed copies of Meus Grandes Predecessores

Celebrities and kids attract politicians like honey attracts bears, so it's no surprise that a campaigning pol stuck close to Kasparov during much of his trip to the Centro Educacional Unificado (CEU). This wasn't the first time PT candidate Marta Suplicy gave a tour of the center to an international visitor; last June it was UN head Kofi Annan.

Kasparov was shown around by local representative Marta Suplicy

Kasparov meeting one of the simul participants. Red pieces?!

No basquete or futebol today, just xadrez!


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