Kasparov Chess Foundation turns 15

by Kasparov Chess Foundation
11/22/2017 – The Kasparov Chess Foundation celebrated 15 years of global chess outreach with a gala reception and dinner at the New York Athletic Club on November 6th. World-famous commentator GM Maurice Ashley was the host for an evening, which included a 10 board simul by the 13th World Champion. Read on to find out how he did, along with photos and highlights of the event. | Photo: Derrick Bryant

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15-year anniversary gala

Kasparov Chess Foundation logoThe Kasparov Chess Foundation celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary earlier this month with a gala at the New York Athletic Club. The event was held in two parts, starting with a cocktail reception and 10-board simultaneous exhibition by Garry Kasparov himself.

The event was a fitting conclusion for the year-long worldwide programs in the US, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Pacific to commemorate anniversary with 15 events around the globe.

Nathan Shuman

A basketball injury was no deterrent for young Nathan Shuman to battle it out | Photo: Derrick Bryant​ for kasparovchessfoundation.org

Paula Mahoney

Paula Mahoney, the only female participant, flew all the way from Hong Kong for the event! | Photo: Derrick Bryant

Rex Sinquefield and Cristopher Flowers

A famous KCF donor, Rex Sinquefield (left) and Christopher Flowers (right), KCF board member, in deep thought Photos: Derrick Bryant

Stanley Druckenmiller

KCF co-founder Stanley Druckenmiller with KCF President Michael Khodarkovsky Photo: Derrick Bryant

Admiral Wyman Howard and Thomas Beck

Navy Admiral Wyman Howard (left) and the event’s youngest player Thomas Beck (right) Photo: Derrick Bryant

John Crumiller

Jon Crumiller was the last man standing (well, sitting) | Photo: Derrick Bryant


Jon Crumiller isn’t only known for his passion about chess, but also for his passion for collecting chess sets! His collection now numbers over 600 antique sets, the oldest dating to as early as the 11th century.

After the simultaneous, which ended with a 10-0 result for the former World Champion, the gala dinner started, celebrating not only the KCF’s anniversary, but also KCF’s supporters and special guests. Currently, the KCF has a global outreach through it’s different branches, and is involved in many programs, including:

KCF Curriculum Program

KCF’s curriculum program provides public, private, and home schoolers with instructional books to help them master the game. The three-volume book set is in use by more than 3,500 schools, across all 50 states, as well as in a number of foreign countries.

Regional Scholastic Championship Tournaments

KCF organizes and sponsors regional tournaments across the country. Thousands of students look forward to attending these tournaments each year. They make new friends, enjoy the thrill of competition, and form memories that last a lifetime.

Annual All-Girls Nationals

KCF’s Annual All-Girls Nationals is the largest open tournament available to young females, ages 6 to 20. The tournament, now in it’s 10th year, attracts girls from all over the country, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The tournament has been held in such grand cities around the country as Chicago and Dallas.

Talented Children Program: Young Stars

KCF is partnering with The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL) on a five-year grant program to help develop several American chess prodigies from across the United States. The program, called Young Stars – Team USA, is capped off by a special training session with Garry Kasparov, held annually. During the two-day seminar, as many as twenty talented youngsters from around the country receive specialized individualized and group training by Garry Kasparov.

US Team Chess Olympiad Sponsorship

Since 2004, KCF has been the official sponsor of the US Olympiad Teams, both women’s and men’s.

James Rafferty

The event was opened by New York Athletic Club’s President James Rafferty (left).

Next year, the NYAC will be celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary (founded in 1868 with a mission "in order to bring structure to the nascent world of amateur sport"), and the celebration of KCF’s 15th was a kick-off for a year long celebration!

Despite the relatively young age of the KCF compared to the club, both organizations have an already long history of working together.

The evening was capped off with the highlight: an interview by Maria Bartiromo, anchor and Global Markets Editor on Fox Business Network with Garry Kasparov.

Maria Bartiromo Garry Kasparov

The interview was quite broad, even touching on AI and collaboration between humans and machines. As Garry said, “We don’t have to afraid of machines, rather to learn how to use them for the good of the people”.

We at the KCF use this event as a way to thank all of the contributors and people that make our outreach possible.

This story first appeared on KasparovChessFoundation.org and is reproduced with permission.

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The vision of the Kasparov Chess Foundation is primarily to use the many benefits of chess to help children worldwide. KCF does this through a variety of different programs, which you can find at KasparovChessFoundation.org


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Adjudication Adjudication 11/25/2017 06:07

Winner by TKO - bomalley. A dominant performance.

Die Liebe herrscht nicht, aber sie bildet; und das ist mehr!
hserusk hserusk 11/23/2017 12:02
@bomalley : Thanks for confirming by conforming. Enjoying the decline. Cya!
bomalley bomalley 11/23/2017 05:25
@basler88 — If you are referring to the above link to an article advertising the Masterclass.com class that Kasparov teaches, where you can see Kevin Spacey's name as an acting teacher, I would point out that:
(a) Masterclass is not Kasparov's company, he is just one of their many teachers, and
(b) the article/advertisement above was published before the allegations against Mr. Spacey (if you search online you will find articles stating that Masterclass dropped Mr. Spacey as a teacher late in October).

@hserusk — the portmanteau "sheeple" is already well-known and is superior to "sheeplace". If we were talking about a demographic that really loved shopping, we might refer to them as the "shopulace" (= shop + populace). But calling them the "shopple" (= shop + people) would not work so well, and if anyone were to misunderstand the meaning of "shopple", we would have only ourselves to blame. If possible, construct the portmanteau to have the same number of syllables as either the second word or the longer of the two words, make use of available rhymes and common letters when choosing if/where to join two words, and say your portmanteau aloud to see if it works. "Shopulace" and "sheeple" both follow these guidelines, whereas "shopple" and "sheeplace" (in Seattle!) do not. Finally, there is one other portmanteau that we all need to keep in mind. It's called netiquette.
hserusk hserusk 11/23/2017 01:56
Because? Perhaps since he was convicted in a court of law?
Ridiculous how some chess players aren't any different to common sheeplace. (That's sheep populace -since I reckon nobody has ever accused you of being too bright)
basler88 basler88 11/22/2017 07:07
Why is Kevin Spacey still mention in the Garry Kasparov’s teaching company? His name should be erased right away! Please Mr. Kasparov act now and get Spacey out of your company! Thank you!