Kasimdzhanov: 'Nerves will prevail'

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9/15/2005 – Rustam Kasmidzhanov was the surprise winner of the last FIDE (knock-out) world championship in Tripoli, defeating the likes of Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Topalov and Adams on his way to the title. In San Luis the GM from Uzbekistan will defend his title. Here he answers the ten obligatory questions of the organiser.

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The FIDE World Chess Championship will take place in the Hotel Potrero de los Funes Complex, in the Province of San Luis, Argentina, from September 27 to October 16, 2005.

WCC San Luis 2005 Press Release

Kasimdzhanov: “He who deals best with the pressure will probably prevail”

When talking to the Press Office of the World Chess Championship San Luis 2005, Rustam Kasimdzhanov said that this competition will be very interesting and full of fight. The player from Uzbekistan assured that, “at the end, the pressure will be very high, and he who deals best with it will probably prevail”. For the 2004 FIDE world champion “Anand is perhaps the best at the moment”. The tips for winning will be “energy, plus good nerves”. He was a little bit ironic when asked why people shouldn’t miss this event: “Maybe because there will be the strongest players playing the best chess?” Talking about Argentina, he named “tango, steak, and Capablanca-Alekhine match in Buenos Aires”.

Ten questions

1. What are your expectations about this important competition?

I expect it to be very interesting and full of fight, because all eight players will be trying to win.

2. How do you evaluate the way of play of this competition? (Double round-robin)

Playing 14 rounds of classical chess is very exhausting. At the end, the pressure will be very high and he who deals best with it will probably prevail.

3. Which are your favourite players among your seven opponents? And who will be the toughest?

Anand is perhaps the best at the moment; although in such an event they will all be equally tough.

4. How are you preparing yourself for the WCC Argentina 2005?

I would not open the details of my preparation yet; nor would others!

5. Do you think that you will be coming being in your best competition level?

I hope so.

6. Which will be the "tips" to win the competition?

Energy, plus good nerves.

7. Will this tournament be very different from all the others you have already played?

The format and participants resemble Linares very much.

8. Will the spectators be seeing "new things" in the way of playing?

A lot of new opening ideas to be sure!

9. Why should spectators not miss this championship?

Maybe because there will be the strongest players playing the best chess?

10. Name the first things that come into your mind when you think of Argentina.

Tango, steak, and Capablanca-Alekhine match in Buenos Aires.

Short biography

Rustam Kasimdzhanov: Grandmaster. born on December 5th, 1979 in Uzbekistan. With a solid game and excellent theoretical preparation he was the great surprise at Tripoli 2004 World Championship, defeating world’s best players Vasily Ivanchuk, Zoltan Amasi, Alexander Grischuk, and Veselin Topalov among others. In the final match he defeated British Michael Adams becoming FIDE’s World Champion. His Elo: 2670.

Source: Press Office of the WCC San Luis 2005

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