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5/17/2005 – Reigning FIDE world champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov is scheduled to play an interesting man vs machine match on June 21. The opponent is the "AI Accoona ToolBar". The event is being staged by search engine company Accoona, known for a number of chess spectaculars in the past and with big chess plans for the future. The venue? It's in the middle of Times Square in New York, the Crossroads of the World.

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The match is between the 2004 winner of the Tripoli FIDE world championship, Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan, and a new kind of chess engine – one that has been specifically developed for play against human beings (as opposed to countless games against other chess playing computers).

Accoona is a search engine company that was launched last December, with US president Bill Clinton presenting the keynote speech. It has a Google-like interface and functionality, but with a special fuzzy logic that is said to retrieve better results than other search engines by using AI to understand the user query. The company is also known for its patented "SuperTarget" feature which enable searchers to change the ranking of the results in the same query in order to bring more focused results to the top.

In addition Accoona has just concluded a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, the leading provider of global business information. That gives the search engine access to hundreds of millions of business records in Dun & Bradstreet’s proprietary database, which are provided to searchers free of charge.

A click on the D&B icon in the search results provides instant information on the company

After the December launch many skeptics started expressing doubts about the viability of YASE (yet another search engine). But the Accoona team soon dispelled any doubts that they were serious players in the Internet world. If you go to Alexa.com, the best-respected Internet evaluation site you will be confronted with some remarkable data. Today (May 16, 2005) Accoona.com is the number 436 web site in the world. The three month average is 525. It is difficult to describe how big that is – believe us, it is gigantic, definitely not something to scoff about.

Accoona Chairman Eckhard Pfeiffer, President Bill Clinton and Garry Kasparov at the Accoona launch in December 2004

On June 1st Accoona is launching a special AI ToolBar, a program that you install on your computer to get one-click access to the Accoona web search engine and to a new desktop search facility that uses the patented Artificial Intelligence search technology to locate lost files, emails, and documents on your hard drive. This ToolBar is set to be installed on many millions of computers worldwide.

Now the chess connection: the ToolBar will offer interactive chess functions where people can play against each other or against a special AI chess program, receive chess news, solve chess puzzles and generally get interested in the game. The chess engine included as part of the tool bar will load in your browser and is ready to play in just a few seconds. It will use AI techniques to learn from the hundreds of thousands of games it plays, improving its strategic understanding on the basis of its wins and losses as the months go by. We will report on this project after it is launched in June.

Rustam Kasimdzhanov winning the world championship 2004 in Tripoli

In his match against the Accoona AI chess engine Rustam Kasimdzhanov will be facing a highly advanced version of the public chess engine, one which has been developed specifically and optimised for play against human beings. It is a program that is filled with strategic chess knowledge, rather than openings and search tricks designed mainly to outplay its electronic opponents. Once again we will report on the details as they are released.

The site. Well, the match is scheduled to take place on Times Square, New York City. Not in one of the prestigious buildings surrounding the square, but on the square itself, in the middle of the “Crossroads of the World”. A special platform will be erected, with a sound-proof cabin for the players.

Dusk at Times Square in New York, where "Kasim" will play his match


Accoona.com to present the Ultimate
“Man vs. Machine” Chess Match

World Chess Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov vs.
“The AI Accoona ToolBar”

Press Release

Accoona Corp. announced that the Web Search Company will present the ultimate Chess Event in the heart of Times Square NYC on June 21, 2005.

The officially recognized World Chess Champion, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, will face the Accoona Artificial Intelligence Search ToolBar and its powerful Chess software program. This historic Chess Event to take place at the “Crossroads of the World” in the middle of Times Square, New York City.

Accoona CEO, Stuart Kauder commented, “Accoona is proud to be part of International Chess and world class events in the city of New York. The entire world will be watching as one of the most unique Chess formats ever presented is showcased in the heart of New York City,” continued Kauder.

About World Chess Champion: Rustam Kasimdzhanov, 24, was born on May 12th, 1979 in Uzbekistan, and is currently living in Germany. Rustam has played chess since he was five years old. Mr. Kasimdzhanov was crowned FIDE World Champion on July 14, 2004.

About the Accoona Artificial Intelligence (AI) ToolBar: Accoona is launching its revolutionary AI ToolBar, providing users the most unique Web experience in the search industry. The Accoona AI ToolBar grants users the ability to Search the Web AND their Desktop utilizing Artificial Intelligence Search technology to locate lost files, emails, and documents. It also offers complete access to Accoona’s Premier Business Database where users benefit from hundreds of millions of business records on tens of millions of companies worldwide.

The Accoona AI ToolBar is also the first of its kind offer a complete interactive, and free, Chess experience. Chess enthusiasts will be able to compete with others from around the World, and against the Accoona AI Chess Program included with the toolbar. Accoona will also deliver free daily chess news and strategy quizzes to toolbar users, thus giving Accoona ToolBar users a search experience never available before.

About Accoona
Founded in February 2004, the Accoona Corporation is an industry pioneer in Artificial Intelligence search technology, and has filed a patent with over 650 claims. The company unveiled the Accoona search engine in December 2004, with the official consumer launch planned for mid 2005. Accoona delivers more relevant search results through its innovative SuperTarget™ feature, comprehensive QuickProfile™ database and sophisticated contextual and keyword search capabilities. Internationally, Accoona holds a 20-year exclusive agreement with the China Daily Information Company as the official search provider for ChinaDaily.com – the first news site in China and one of the country’s largest portals.

Accoona Partnerships

China Daily Information Company (CDIC)

Accoona Corp. enjoys a 20-year exclusive agreement with China Daily Information Company to be the official search partner for its China Daily news portal – the first news site in China and one of the country’s largest portals – and affiliate sites. The relationship is approved by, and has the full support of China’s Ministry of Information.

China Daily Information Company (CDIC), an official Chinese Government Agency, and www.ChinaDaily.com.cn, the official and largest English language web destination in China, hold an equity stake in Accoona, through its 20 Year exclusive partnership contract. With this partnership, Accoona is poised to be the premiere Internet Search Site for the fastest growing economy of the 21st Century.

Yahoo! Partnership

Accoona Corp. has signed an agreement with Yahoo!/Overture, the world’s largest and most successful online advertising company. This agreement enables Accoona to tap into a network of over 100,000 paid advertisers. These pay-per-click clients are a source of direct revenue to Accoona. The keyword driven advertisement links appear on each Accoona results page, generating immediate revenue when end users click on these links.

Dun & Bradstreet Partnership

Dun & Bradstreet, the leading provider of global business information, tools and insight, has enabled customers to decide with confidence for over 160 years. D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight™ process provides customers with quality information whenever and wherever they need it. This quality information is the foundation of D&B's solutions that customers rely on to make critical business decisions. Customers use D&B Risk Management Solutions to mitigate risk, increase cash flow and drive increased profitability, D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions to increase revenue from new and existing customers, and D&B Supply Management Solutions to identify purchasing savings, manage risk and ensure compliance within the supply base. D&B's E-Business Solutions help customers convert prospects to clients faster.

The partnership grants Accoona access to hundreds of millions of Business records in Dun & Bradstreet’s database of 14 Million United States Companies and Businesses; with the rights to display this data on the Accoona website within the Accoona QuickProfile, for Accoona users to utilize free of charge.

Accoona will have access to the following information for these 14 Million United States Businesses: DUNS Number, Company Name, Company Tradestyle, Physical Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Contact Name and Title, 4 digit SIC Code, Business Description, URL, Annual Sales, Number of Employees, Ticker Symbol, Latitude and Longitude. This will greatly enhance the value that the Accoona QuickProfile gives to the Accoona users.

Additionally, the Dun & Bradstreet partnership presents Accoona with a further source of revenue. Each Accoona user will be able to purchase more in depth corporate and financial information products, with one further click, directly from D&B. Accoona has contracted with D&B in a revenue share arrangement for this service.

DoD Marketing will provide Accoona’s users access to a wide range of consumer electronics to aid in the product search process, using Artificial Intelligence. This will enhance the brand value of Accoona and increase the importance of Accoona in the marketplace.

GuruNet Partnership

GuruNet Corporation, a leading provider of integrated online reference information, and Accoona Corporation, a pioneer in artificial intelligence search technology, announced an agreement to create a co-branded offering, which will display reference content from GuruNet's flagship product, Answers.com, and contextual advertising from Accoona. Under the agreement, Accoona.com will offer a prominent link to the co-branded site.

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