Karsten Mueller’s Endgame Magic #161: Carlsen and Capablanca

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9/20/2021 – One of the most fascinating recent endgames was Magnus Carlsen's win against Alireza Firouzja in round 6 of the Norway Chess Tournament: in a slightly better position that seemed to be impossible to win Carlsen worked his magic and created an endgame masterpiece. In the "Endgame Magic Show #161" Karsten Müller and Arne Kähler take a look at this astonishing endgame and show why it is good to know the classics. | Endgame Magic is on air most Mondays. Watch it on-demand with a ChessBase Premium account.

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Endgame Magic #161

José Raul Capablanca, World Champion from 1921 to 1927, is famous for his seemingly effortless play and his great endgame skills. He played many instructive endgames and he showed why it is usually a good strategy in bishop endgames, in which the bishops move on the same colour, to put your own pawns on squares of the other colour and to fix the enemy pawns on squares, where they can be attacked.

Carlsen's endgame against Firouzja is a good illustration of this rule.


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