Karina Cyfka is Polish Women's Champion!

by Klaus Besenthal
8/13/2020 – The Polish Women's Championship in Ostrów Wielkopolski ended yesterday. Karina Cyfka and Klaudia Kulon both drew in the last round and thus shared first with 6.0/9. But Cyfka won the two-game tiebreak and became new Polish Women's Champion 2020. Joanna Majdan won bronze. | Photos: Wojciech Zawadzki (Polish Chess Federation)

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MOKATE Women's Championship of Poland

Before the last round Cyfka and Kulon shared the lead and Majdan was half a point behind. In the final round Majdan missed the chance to catch up to the leading duo by only drawing against Julia Antolak – the final round was a nerve-wracking affair. Kulon missed a good chance to win her game against Monika Socko:


Monika Socko (left) vs Klaudia Kulon

Cyfka, on the other hand, was lucky that her opponent, Honorata Kucharska, made a draw in a position she could still have attempted to win:


Honorata Kucharska (right) was by far the weakest player in the tournament - maybe that's why the 18-year-old showed a lot of respect for her better-rated opponent

In the first game of the tiebreak Kulon was clearly winning but lost after a wrong knight move:


Karina Cyfka (right) also won the second tiebreak game.

Final standings




Translated from German by Arthur Paul

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.
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Janusz Sroka Janusz Sroka 9/6/2020 01:38
A few games from round 4 are completely abnormal !

I didn't know that these gentlemen (Caruana, Ding, Movsesian) play in the Polish Women's Championships ??
PhishMaster PhishMaster 8/13/2020 01:57
She clearly cheated...her baby-to-be helped. :) (Yes, I am totally kidding, and this is not a real accusation.)

Seriously, congratulations on the win, and the upcoming family!