Kamsky answers: I intend to play against Veselin Topalov

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5/31/2008 – Yesterday Alexei Shirov published a statement stating that since the World Cup winner, Gata Kamsky, did not wish to play the special candidates match against Topalov in Bulgaria he should forthwith be replaced by runner-up Shirov. Today we received a message from Kamsky's representative repudiating these "disturbing rumours being spread by Shirov". Press statement and latest news.

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To FIDE President Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

May 29, 2008

Awaiting FIDE determination regarding the bid made by Mr. Oleksandr Chernenko for the Kamsky-Topalov match and the official contract from FIDE that determines the rights and obligations of both players, on behalf of Gata Kamsky I would like to address disturbing rumors that are being spread in press by Aleksey Shirov.

Since Gata Kamsky intends to play against Vaselin Topalov and did not officially decline to play against him, it is inappropriate for A. Shirov to offer his candidacy before official FIDE resolution on that issue has been made.

Accordingly please provide a working draft of the documents that FIDE anticipates GM Kamsky and GM Topalov to execute. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Bella Kamskaya, Esq., at bkkrupnicklaw (at) optonline.net

Bella Kamskaya


On May 30 ChessPro report Jury Vasiliev reported the following:

The match Topalov-Kamsky will take place in Lvov [Ukraine]. I just conducted a telephone conversation with the President of International Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who had arrived in Athenes from Moscow, to participate in a Presidential Board meeting. I asked him a question which is of great interest to chess lovers:

Yuri Vasiliev: Kirsan Nikolaevich, where will the match Topalov-Kamsky take place?

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: In Lvov. Tomorrow I will announce it on the Presidential Board.

Have the financial problems all been solved?

I am giving my personal guarantee. The prize fund will be that which was specified in the bid by the manager of the grandmaster Gata Kamsky, Alexander Chernenko: 935,000 US dollars. The players will receive 750,000. Apart from this I will announce tomorrow the world championship for women. It will take place in Nalchik from August 28th until September 18th. The prize fund will be 630,000 US dollars.

Thanks. I wish you success.

Original Russian text

Матч Топалов - Камский состоится во Львове

Только что я связался по телефону с президентом Международной шахматной федерации Кирсаном Илюмжиновым, который прилетел в Афины из Москвы для участия в Президентском Совете ФИДЕ, и задал ему вопрос, который волнует сейчас всех любителей шахмат.

- Кирсан Николаевич, так где, все-таки, состоится матч Топалов – Камский?

- Во Львове. Завтра я об этом объявлю на Президентском Совете ФИДЕ.

- А финансовые проблемы решены?

- А я даю свои личные гарантии. Призовой фонд будет таким, какой был указан в заявке менеджера гроссмейстера Гаты Камского Александра Черненко: 935 000 долларов. Из которых игроки получат 750 000 чистыми. Кроме того, я объявлю завтра о чемпионате мира среди женщин. Он пройдет в Нальчике с 28 августа по 18 сентября. Призовой фонд будет 630 000 долларов.

- Спасибо. Удачи.

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