Kader-Challenge: Rasmus Svane and Jana Schneider defend their lead

by Klaus Besenthal
4/9/2021 – Round 5 of the men's tournament at the German "Kader-Challenge" in Magdeburg brought a number of interesting endgames and two decisive results. Niclas Huschenbeth won against Dmitrij Kollars and Daniel Fridman defeated Frederik Svane. Rasmus Svane drew against Luis Engel but that was enough to defend his lead and with 3.5/5 he is still sole first. In the women's tournament table leader Jana Schneider (pictured) lost her first game - against Annmarie Mütsch - but still leads with 3.0/4. | Photo: Bernd Vökler

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Men's Tournament, Round 5

The top encounter of round 5 was the game between Alexander Donchenko and Matthias Blübaum. With a rating of 2670 Blübaum is currently Germany's number 1, but with a rating of 2659 Donchenko is close. This time, the direct duel for the top spot on the German ranking list ended with a draw. But both still have good chances to win in Magdeburg as they both have 3.0/5 points and are only half a point behind table leader Rasmus Svane.

The third player with 3.0/5 is Andreas Heimann, who drew an interesting endgame against Dennis Wagner. Karsten Müller analyses:


Andreas Heimann | Photo: Frank Hoppe

With three draws and one loss Daniel Fridman, the oldest player in Magdeburg, did not have a good start into the tournament. But in round 5 he scored his first win and defeated Frederik Svane who suffered his third loss in a row. Karsten Müller had a look at the endgame of this encounter:


With two losses and two draws Niclas Huschenbeth started even worse than Fridman. But like Fridman Huschenbeth also won his first game in round 5, against Dmitrij Kollars, in an endgame which Karsten Müller liked to analyse:


Results of round 5


Standings after round 5




Women's Tournament

With 3.0/3 Jana Schneider, who will celebrate her 19th birthday on April 11 and who in 2017 at the age of 14 became the second youngest German National Women's Champion of all time (Elisabeth Pähtz is the youngest), had an ideal start into the tournament. But in round 4 she lost a wild game against Annmarie Mütsch.


But despite this loss Jana Schneider still leads the tournament as her closest rival Antonia Ziegenfuß lost against Melanie Lubbe.

Round 4 - Results


Standings after round 4





Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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