Junior7 wins prestigious CCT4 computer tournament

by ChessBase
2/5/2002 – Last weekend the members of the ICD Computer Chess Club organized their fourth tournament, a 46 player event with 11 rounds. The clear winner was World Champion Deep Junior 7, written by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky from Israel, with 9/11 points. Most programs were operated by their authors which gives the tournament high prestige. More

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Deep Junior 7 wins
Internet Chess Club "CCT4" tournament

At regular intervals the ICC stages tournaments reserved exclusively for computers. In the fourth event, which was staged from January 19 to 27, a total of 46 programs participated.

In the end it was three ChessBase engines that landed on the top of the final list.

Deep Junior won a clear first place with nine points out of 11 games, half a point ahead of Deep Shredder and a full point of Fritz 7 and Quark (a strong amateur program by Thomas Mayer).

Junior looked like it was faltering in round six, when it lost to Shredder and fell behind the leading Fritz7. But in the end it was Quark who helped the Israeli program to victory by beating Fritz and Shredder in the last rounds. Junior beat Quark and climbed to the top of the results list.

Fritz was unlucky to narrowly miss a start-to-finish victory in the biggest computer chess tournament to be held on the ICC server. In each of the 11 rounds 23 games were played, for a total of 253 for the entire tournament. Six were byes due to connection problems or because the players simply did not appear at the specified time.


Junior 7 was written by the Israeli team of Shay Bushinsky, Amir Ban (standing in the picture on the right), with GM Boris Alterman (seated) acting as chess advisor. The program has been at the top of all international computer rating lists for many years.

At the Brain Games qualifier (April 2001) Deep Junior had Fritz on the ropes by going into a 5:0 lead in the 24-game match. Fritz had to work very hard, equalised in the very last game, and won the playoff. Experts all over the world were deeply impressed by the ruthless attacking style that the Junior displayed in this match. IM Hannu Wegner wrote: "The latest version of Junior has clearly made tremendous progress in tactics and especially in the execution of brilliant kingside attacks."

Junior won the Microcomputer World Championship in 1997 as well as the mammoth Cadaqués 2000 tournament of the world´s leading programs. Deep Junior won the multiprocessor section of World Microcomputer Chess Championship in 2001.



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