Joueuse – Queen to Play

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1/9/2010 – "Attention all nerds and former high-school science-club members: finally there is a movie that shares your belief that chess should be a magnet for hot babes and sex." Not our words, but those of the Miami Herald reviewer Rene Rodriguez. This film stars Sandrine Bonnaire and Kevin Kline (in his first French-speaking role), and premiered in Germany on Friday. Trailers.

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Joueuse – Queen to Play

Sandrine Bonnaire is Hélène, a middle-aged housekeeper in a luxurious Corsican hotel, who one day sees a couple on a balcony exchanging erotic glances and seductive gestures over a chessboard. She is sexually aroused and tries to lure her husband into a similar situation by giving him a chess computer – but the attempt fails when he does not understand the connection between chess and erotic intimacy (really).

Hélène then teaches herself to play and turns to a reclusive American expat (Kevin Kline in his first French-speaking role), whose house she cleans. He willingly helps her with the game, but her playing skills soon overtake his and she begins to live and breathe chess. Meanwhile her new passion threatens her family life – chess is regarded as a form of marital infidelity.

Director: Caroline Bottaro; Writer: Caroline Bottaro; Cast: Jennifer Beals, Sandrine Bonnaire, Laurence Colussi, Maxime Delauney, Didier Ferrari, Alexandra Gentil, Dominic Gould, Kevin Kline, Valérie Lagrange, Daniel Martin; Running Time: 100 min. The film has just been released in Germany.

Joueuse trailer – higher definition version here

Trailer with English subtitles

The making of Joueuse – with five-part trailer


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