John Nunn's 60th Birthday Blitz

4/27/2015 – Sixteen players, most of them with GM titles, gathered together in the splendid Home House in London's West End to play a blitz tournament. This was to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of their most esteemed colleagues, Dr John Nunn, mathematician, former top world class GM, author, problemist. We wish John a very happy birthday with this big pictorial report.

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John Nunn's 60th Birthday Blitz

For his 60th birthday on April 25 John decided to celebrate by having a blitz tournament with some of his chess-playing friends. The event was held in Home House (above), a private club situated in London’s West End. It provided a splendid venue for a tournament which was conducted in a good-humoured atmosphere.

Practically all the top British players participated, except for Nigel Short and Michael Adams, who were playing elsewhere at the time. The eventual winner was Gawain Jones, who defeated his closest rival Luke McShane in their individual encounter. Yasser Seirawan finished third and was the top performer from the "older generation".

Former World Championship candidate GM Jon Speelman

GM Jonathan Mestel, now a professor at Imperial College, London

Dr John Nunn, now 60 years old

GM Keith Arkell

GM Yasser Seirawan, not so active these days but still a very good blitz player

Yasser doing battle with GM Matthew Sadler

Stephen Gordon, one of the younger grandmasters taking part

GM William Watson, now a partner at international law firm Slaughter and May

IM Ali Mortazavi, Chief Executive of drug development company Silence Therapeutics

Gawain Jones and Luke McShane enjoying their game, which proved decisive for the final standings

GM Gawain Jones, the winner

GM John Emms

Final cross table

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John Nunn presents first prize of £1000 to winner Gawain Jones

GM Matthew Sadler, happy with his fourth place

The players enjoy a well-earned drink after the event

Yasser Seirawan chats with the winner Gawain Jones

John Nunn cutting his birthday cake

Yasser Seirawan entertains with a short speech at the prize ceremony

Chess wives and players Petra Nunn and Yvette Seirawan

All photos by John Saunders

John Nunn on his 60th birthday – picture by Petra Nunn at their home

The celebration was made possible by David Norwood, Ali Mortazavi, Peter Ariowitsch and John Saunders
(who acted as arbiter and photographer), Chess & Bridge (who provided the equipment) and Home House.

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Mark Pinto Mark Pinto 5/18/2015 02:10
Happy Birthday John! Many more to come....
jhoravi jhoravi 4/28/2015 08:12
I'm worried. Nunn looks 80 than 60. I hope still pictures are deceiving. But physical exercise should help a lot. I wish him many more years!
PFH PFH 4/27/2015 09:14
What a way to celebrate! John Nunn is one of my favorite players, I enjoyed following his games and reading his books!
Denix Denix 4/27/2015 07:19
Happy Birthday Dr. John Nunn! With best wishes from Kuwait
Danstacey Danstacey 4/27/2015 06:39
A gentleman and a scholar. When I was 10 or 11 (c. 1981), I played him in a simul somewhere in North London, and managed to hold on for 55 moves before defeat. He sensibly turned down my optimistic offer of a draw! Happy birthday, Mr Nunn.
Offramp Offramp 4/27/2015 06:03
Dr Nunn always reminds me of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
semprun semprun 4/27/2015 03:20
Ok, perhaps Julian Hodgson is too far into retirement and certainly of a different generation!
semprun semprun 4/27/2015 03:17
How nice to be able to host such a field. Can't think of anyone missing from the older generation! Happy birthday!
Lorfa Lorfa 4/27/2015 02:15
Wow Nunn has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him pictured on CB. Hope he's alright!
Philip Feeley Philip Feeley 4/27/2015 01:44
What a great way to celebrate a birthday! Thanks for sharing it.
firestorm firestorm 4/27/2015 01:20
Can't believe you're 60! Happy birthday, many, many years of pleasure still to come.
bronkenstein bronkenstein 4/27/2015 12:16
Happy B-day, John! I wish you a couple of world senior CH titles and lots of new good books =)